How to Set Up Your First Meta Trader Mobile Trading Account?

Traders have a number of different types of trading accounts. While not all trading platforms are created equal, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to put in some work to find the one that’s right for you! The key is figuring out what your needs are and then searching through options until you’ve found an account that meets them. From there, it’s simply a matter of learning how to use it!

Why You Should Trade on a Mobile Device?

If you’re like most traders, you probably trade on a desktop computer. But there are plenty of good reasons to start trading on your mobile device too. Here are four:

1. You can take your trading with you wherever you go.

2. You can get real-time market data right on your phone.

3. Trading is more fun when you do it with friends!

4. Most mobile platforms have better liquidity than many desktop platforms.

What is Meta Trader?

Meta Trader is a powerful trading platform that allows users to execute trades in real-time. MetaTrader also comes with a variety of features, such as charting and analytical tools, which make it an ideal platform for traders of all levels. In this guide, we will show you how to set up your first Meta Trader mobile trading account.

To start using Meta Trader on your smartphone or tablet, you will first need to download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store. 

Once the app is installed, open it and sign in with your credentials.

 Next, click on the” Accounts “tab at the top of the screen. 

Under “My Accounts” click on the “+” icon next to “Metatrader 4.” 

This will add a new account to your Meta Trader platform.

Once you have created an account, you will need to set up your device settings so that it can connect to the MetaTrader server.

To do this, open the “Settings” app on your device and select “Network & Internet.” 

From here, select “Sign-in & Security” and enter your login credentials. 

Click on the gear icon next to “Sign In,” and select “Set Up New Meta trader 4 Login”.

On the next screen, enter your desired password and click on OK. 

Finally, make sure that your device connects to the internet every time you start it up so that Meta Trader can automatically register with the server

How to Set Up Your First Account?

If you’re new to trading on Metatrader, or even just want to get started with mobile trading, we’ve got all the info you need to get started. In this guide, we’ll show you how to set up your first account, connect to the Metatrader platform, and start trading.

To get started, you’ll first need to create an account on Metatrader. This is free and easy to do: simply visit and click the “Create Account” button at the top of the page. You’ll need to enter your name and email address, as well as a password. Once you have registered, you’ll be able to access your account from any computer with internet access.

Once you’ve created your account, it’s time to connect to the Metatrader platform. To do this, open up a new browser window and navigate to You’ll see a screen that looks like this:

Click on the “Connect” button in the top left corner of the screen. You’ll be asked for your name and email address again; make sure you have both of these details handy! After clicking Connect, you’ll be taken to a confirmation page:

After clicking Confirm Connection, you should now see a message stating that your Metatrader account has been connected:

Congratulations! Your first trade is now operational! To  begin trading, you can visit the “Trading” tab on the main Metatrader screen and select the “Single Session” option. This will open up a new window that looks like this:

Here, you’ll see a list of markets in which you can trade:

To begin trading, click on the market name in the “Markets” list and then click on the “Buy/Sell” button next to that market. This will take you to the trade dialog box, where you’ll be able to enter the amount of shares you want to buy or sell. After clicking Buy/Sell, you’ll be taken to a confirmation page:

After clicking Confirm Transaction, your shares will have been transferred and the trade will be registered on the Metatrader platform. You can now view your current portfolio balance and results by visiting the “Portfolio” tab on your main screen and selecting the “Active Trader” option. Here, you’ll see a list of all your recent trades:

Congratulations! You’ve now started trading on Metatrader!

Account Settings

If you are new to trading on a mobile device, then Meta trader Mobile is the app for you. Meta trader Mobile provides traders with an intuitive platform that makes trading on the go easy and fun. 

To get started, first download Meta trader Mobile from the App Store or Google Play Store. Once installed, open the app and sign in with your credentials. Next, select Markets from the main menu and select New Account to create a new account. You will need to provide your name, email address, and password. After finishing this process, you will be ready to trade! 

When you first start trading on Meta trader Mobile, you will likely want to familiarize yourself with the user interface. The main screen displays all of your current orders and trades in real-time. To place an order, drag and drop the order bar below the chart into position where you want it to stay. Additionally, you can use buttons at the bottom of the screen to adjust your order parameters (such as price or quantity). To place a trade, click on the trade button in the toolbar above your chart and select which asset(s) you want to trade. If you are not sure what an option does, hover over it with your cursor and a description will appear below the button. 

Once you have become comfortable using Meta trader Mobile, there are a few additional features that may be helpful for day trading: zoom in and out to get a closer look at your charts, add indicators and other custom graphics to your charts, and set up alerts to notify you when a specific condition is met. For more information on using Meta trader Mobile, please visit the Meta trader website.

Trading Platform vs. Charting Platforms

A trading platform is a software or web-based application that allows traders to execute trades on a variety of securities and commodities. The most popular trading platforms are Meta Trader 4 (MT4) and Meta Trader 5 (MT5). A charting platform is a software or web-based application that allows traders to view historical market data and chart the performance of their investments. The most popular charting platforms are Trading View and Excel.

Trading Strategies

1. Before you start trading on Meta trader Mobile, make sure you have an account and a Trading Account Manager (TAM) registered on the platform. 

2. Open a new trading account on Meta trader Mobile by clicking the “Open an Account” link in the top navigation bar and filling out the form. 

3. Verify your account information by clicking on the “Verify My Account” link and entering your login credentials. 

4. Once your account is verified, click on the “My Accounts” tab to view all of your open trades and pending orders. 

5. Select a trading strategy to begin using on Meta trader Mobile: trend following, technical analysis, or momentum investing. 

6. To begin trading, select a trade from your open orders or create a new order by selecting the green “Create Order” button in the upper right corner of the screen. 

7. Enter the details of your order, including quantity, price target, and stop loss distance if applicable. Click on “Submit Order” to place your order with Meta trader Mobile’s order book. 

8. When you are ready to execute your trade, select the appropriate buy or sell option from Meta trader Mobile’s order book by clicking on its corresponding icon (either a green Buy Box or Sell Box). You can also use Meta trader’s drag-and-drop feature to move around positions in your order book. 

9. When you are ready to execute your trade, click on the “Execute Order” button to send your trade order to Metatrader’s exchange servers for execution.


If you’re interested in becoming a successful trader, setting up your first meta trader mobile trading account is the first step. There are several things to consider when setting up your account, and this guide will walk you through every step. By following these tips, you’ll be on your way to making profitable trades in no time!

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