8 Lead Capturing Strategies That Will Skyrocket Email Subscribers

We live in an electronic world where everything is connected to the internet. Businesses are taking full advantage of this digital revolution. They are trying their best to engage with audiences through online platforms. For instance, businesses now use a field reporting app to manage workloads and work orders. Hence, the need to look after everything manually is no more. 

Some apps and platforms help you in skyrocketing your overall potential audiences via various approaches. These include emails, blog posts, and social media platforms. However, email is the best way of connecting with customers as it’s fast, cheap, and accessible. You can distribute various electronic data efficiently through email. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of email.

Let’s discuss the top email boosting strategies to increase your email subscribers. You will also learn how a lead capture app can help you.

What is Email Lead Capturing?

Having a vast contact list in their niche is vital for every marketer. It is only possible with effective email lead capturing. In this strategy, businesses ask for customers’ emails in exchange for something valuable. It’s great for lead generation as you can build good relationships with existing clients. 

Furthermore, you can also grow relations with new potential clients. For this purpose, you need a lead capture form or lead capture app. A lead capture app or form collects consumers’ data. So, they can enter into your email list and increase the overall conversion rates. 

Strategies to Skyrocket Your Email Subscribers

Increasing email lists is always the best marketing activity regardless of your business. Multiple strategies help in improving your email subscribers. Let’s discuss a few:

Know the Target Audience

Your first focus should be on your audience and not on the product. That’s because knowing the audience’s pain points can help you create valuable content for them. Also, it can shape your product and services according to your target audiences’ needs. 

Once you provide the desired content, the customers will engage with your emails more. Hence, the overall conversion rates and email subscribers will increase, benefitting your business. 

Host Giveaways 

Host exclusive giveaways for your email subscribers and attract new subscribers too. You can easily do it by posting your giveaway offer on your blog and other social sites. It will tempt new audiences to sign-up for your email and enjoy being part of a fun giveaway. 

Ask Existing Subscribers to Forward Your Newsletter

It may seem an outdated idea, but it works. First, craft a strong email newsletter that will engage your existing subscribers. Second, ask these subscribers to forward that email to their friends or loved ones. However, before doing that, ensure the forwarded email promotes new subscriber entries. 

After that, ensure the email is well-structured so the people receiving the forwarded email don’t click on the unsubscribe button. If this happens, the original recipient will get out of your subscriber’s list. As long as you strictly check these things, asking your loyal subscribers to forward your email isn’t risky. 

Use Social Media

We live in a world where everyone uses social media for different purposes. According to a study, almost 4.62 billion people are on various social media platforms. That means targeting audiences on social media can ultimately enhance your email subscribers. Don’t know how? Run some paid posts promoting your email newsletter that will leverage the audience. 

Inform the users about the exclusive content available once they sign up for your emails. You can also share some valuable price or bonus on every subscriber you get. These tactics will help you in increasing your email subscribers.

Tell the Visitors About Subscriber-Only Privileges

Try to leverage the audience into being your subscribers by telling them about subscribers-only privileges. These include sharing exclusive benefits like free download kits and your latest white papers. Furthermore, you can also offer an instant incentive on every email sign-up. 

For instance, if you are working for an e-commerce store, then offering a flat 20% discount voucher is great. The visitors can turn into subscribers quickly when you give them a discount on their favorite product at every sign-up. 

Run Contests

Another great tactic that boosts your email subscribers is by hosting contests. It involves asking the existing and new clients to enter your email list. 

In return, you will give them a free trial of your product and services or any prize. This method is a quick and better email lead generation tactic. 

Share Gated Content

Gated content means all the exclusive videos, templates, and ebooks that aren’t free. Sharing them with the customers in exchange for email subscribers is a great idea. First, learn about your audience and target the content they need. 

After figuring out the content, you will share, ask the audience to get it through email download. This way, you will get email subscribers, and the audience will get exclusive content. 

Email List Segmentation

To manage and organize your list, divide your email subscribers into segments. Create different groups of your customers depending upon their geographical location and interests. 

This makes it significantly easier for you to personalize emails for your sub-audiences. As mentioned earlier, your emails will only be succulents if you personalize them. That’s only possible with proper email list segmentation.

Give a Clear CTA

After completing a concise, short, personalized email, end it with a proper CTA. CTA (Call to action) means urging your customers to perform a specific task. This takes them out of confusion, and they get to know what they should do. 

However, ensure your CTA is clear enough that a 5-year-old can understand it. A few l examples include “try for 14 days,” “give us a call now,” etc.


Email is the best way to market your brand. That’s why you should focus on increasing your email subscribers. You can do it by posting gated content or any of the other methods we have shared above. We hope this article helps you in increasing your email subscribers.

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