4 Reasons Why Is Renting Smarter Than Buying A Smartphone

Smartphone were just a handy piece of equipment that was used to receive calls or messages. Nowadays, you can do online banking, watch your favorite TV show, and even reserve tickets to watch a concert. However, this convenience comes at a great cost, with top-of-the-line phones costing upwards of $1,000.

A new trend has been gaining popularity in the past couple of years: renting a phone. Leasing lets you enjoy the benefits of the new technology smartphones provide without the high price tag.

What Is Smartphone Leasing?

Renting a phone is similar to renting a car or an apartment. First, you sign a contract with a leasing company to use a smartphone of your choice, usually with upgrade options, within a set period. In return, you make payments depending on what is written in your contract.

However, leasing a smartphone is not the same as buying a phone under Equipment Installment Plans (EIP), which usually involve buying a phone within a two-year contract via monthly instalments. Once the contract is completely paid off, the ownership of the phone is yours. With leasing, you pay lower monthly rates than EIPs, but you will never get to own the phone.

Reasons When You Rent a Mobile Phone

Because the mobile industry is fast-paced, many smartphone manufacturers release new models every so often, making it hard to choose a model you like. For this reason, renting a smartphone seems to be the perfect solution. Below is a list of the benefits you get when you rent phones.

  1. Cheaper Costs – Phone bills are never cheap, especially if you add the cost of the phone to it. It is one of the primary reasons why so many people prefer to rent cell phones. You will only pay a set sum for a set period if you lease. Depending on the brand and model, leasing a smartphone can only cost as low as $6 a month compared to getting the same phone under EIPs, wherein you would pay $15.
  2. Easier Upgrades – Another major benefit to leasing versus owning a smartphone is the option to upgrade. Different manufacturers introduce new models virtually every month, and users desire to own the latest and best manufacturers. Therefore, rather than purchasing a new model each time an upgrade or new feature is introduced, you may rent one now. Then, when a new model is available, you can end your current lease and begin a new one with the new model.
  3. Rent When You Travel Abroad – Not all phones work the same, and if you are travelling to a country that requires a different bandwidth, your usual phone might not work. Renting a smartphone that works in the country where you are going will be better and cheaper instead of paying for roaming charges.
  4. Doing A Test Run – When you buy a new smartphone but are hesitant because you might not get satisfied with its features, consider doing a test run first by renting that model from a leasing company. You can try out models from different manufacturers by renting a phone, check out the new features, see if it fits your hands and discover other characteristics. Once you have decided on which model is perfect for you, you can end your lease and buy the phone model you want permanently.

The view of the world has changed because of the growth of smartphones. With new technology evolving so fast, the smartphone you use has become a gauge of how you have adapted to the changes in our world. So if you think that it would be a hassle to buy a smartphone only to buy another one to keep up with the shift in technology, renting might be the perfect option for you.

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