How Intelligent Automation can help you in Oracle EBS Upgrade Testing?

Oracle applications support its customers with continuous innovation, Oracle rolls out upgrades so that its customers will receive new functionality and features to streamline their business process. With the new innovations in the latest Oracle EBS 12.2 upgrade, extra emphasis has been placed on continuous application testing to ensure that updates get absorbed into production seamlessly without causing any disruption to existing customizations and integrations. 

Oracle supports high-level customization and integration. Since, updates, maintenance packs, & bug fixes can impact these customizations, integrations, & business processes, regression testing for all your critical business processes is recommended. It is advised that QA teams should validate critical workflows, key approvals, and critical integrations with other applications. In case of issues, customers can communicate with Oracle Support. Since manual testing approaches are still prevalent, Oracle customers are finding it difficult to keep pace with the frequency and depth of the Oracle EBS upgrades. So, organizations that have embraced Oracle EBS but are still using manual testing approaches are facing challenges like testing requirements/ scope during upgrades, the high turnaround time for test completion, inadequate test coverage, and improper security testing. Other drawbacks associated with manual testing include it is error-prone, fragile, and costly. With manual testing, it is simply impossible to achieve the needed speed and accuracy that helps you keep pace with frequent Oracle updates.

Automated testing for Oracle EBS upgrade testing

Not only test automation increase the software efficiency but also minimizes the risk of interruption. By implementing test automation, enterprises can achieve maximum accuracy through faster feedback, accelerated results, low costs, and broader test coverage for their Oracle EBS 12.2 upgrade testing. In fact, test automation protects your business from disruption by preventing defect leakage or minimizing the impact of releases on enterprise applications. 

By embracing test automation, Oracle customers moving from Oracle EBS 12.2 to 12.2 can avoid issues like business disruption, lack of visibility, and project backlogs created by manual methods. With a plethora of testing tools available in the market, it is a challenge to find the right-fit test automation tool for Oracle EBS upgrades testing.

The Solution | AI/ML Driven Test Automation Solution

For Oracle EBS upgrade test automation, you need AI/ ML driven test automation tools like Opkey. The reason for this is that ML-based test automation tools automatically identify the change made to an element locator (ID), or a screen/flow. Leveraging their inbuilt AI-based self-healing capabilities, they continuously maintain the test scripts every time an upgrade is being delivered, or new functionality is added to the app under test. Apart from this, AI-driven Continuous Test Automation platforms automatically scan the new code, analyse security issues and identify test coverage gaps to deliver risk-based test automation. Leveraging these tools, QA teams can easily advance their maturity and deliver better code faster while maintaining the robust quality.

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