Everything You Need To Know About Stargirl’s Eclipso

With season 2 of the smash-hit series “Stargirl” getting started, viewers are being introduced to the mysterious and dangerous villain known as Eclipso. While much of the character’s nature is still to be explored, comic fans are more than aware of the threat that Eclipso poses to the cast of characters. This isn’t a traditional “bad guy,” and the danger of this villain goes far beyond physical capabilities. If you’re curious to learn more about the comic history of this classic DC character, take a look at this information and gain some more insight. 

The Silver Age

Like many DC characters, Eclipso’s origins can be traced back to the Silver Age of comic books. Since many of the comics of this period were anthologies of shorter comics, writers of the era were constantly playing with new and innovative concepts to keep audiences engaged. The first origin of Eclipso centered on scientist Bruce Gordon, who was attacked by a sorcerer while attempting to view a solar eclipse. During the ensuing fight, the sorcerer pierced Gordon with a black diamond and the doctor stumbled backwards and fell off a cliff.

Though the fall killed him, Gordon was revived by the wound created by the black diamond. However, the diamond also cursed him. Whenever an eclipse took place, Gordon would be transformed into the creature known as Eclipso and would be overcome by a desire to commit villainous acts.

The Bronze Age

While “Stargirl” executive producer Geoff Johns is known for using characters and concepts from throughout the publication history of DC Comics. Though Eclipso originated in the Silver Age, it is likely that Johns and the writers of the show are using the version of the character devised later. The Bronze Age is the unofficial name given to the period of comics falling right after the end of the Silver Age, usually given as the period between 1970 and 1984. During this period, Eclipso was reintroduced as a spirit of wrath and vengeance.

In a similar fashion to the initial tale of Eclipso, the spirit of wrath was trapped within a black diamond (now called the Heart of Darkness) and would corrupt any individual unfortunate enough to come in contact with the gem. In one story, the person possessed by Eclipso was responsible for the deaths of a number of B-List heroes. Among the fallen were Beth Chapel and Yolanda Montez, also known as Doctor Mid-Nite and Wildcat. Since these characters are both prominent on “Stargirl,” it is safe to say that there’s danger on the horizon for the heroines.

The Modern Age

The story of Eclipso would carry on into the modern age of comics and the character would be involved in an array of stories. One of the many people possessed by Eclipso was Alex Montez, the cousin of Yolanda Montez who was seeking vengeance for his cousin’s death. Sadly, Alex Montez would prove just another body left in the wake of Eclipso’s madness.

While far from the most popular villain to exist in the pages of DC Comics, Eclipso is definitely one of the more peculiar. As the second season of “Stargirl” unfolds, it is anyone’s guess exactly how this evil force will impact the characters.

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