7 Reasons Why Learning To Play The Piano Keyboard Can Be Fun 

While the journey of playing the piano is long and can last many years, most people who try out the piano from an early age can attest to how rewarding the experience has been for them. Unfortunately, many people shy away from the experience because they think playing the piano can be boring. How wrong are they?  

The many hours spent practicing scales, chords, and tunes are not always as mundane as they may appear for the first timer. Learning to play the piano can be an enjoyable activity for the learner and his future audience. Here are seven reasons why learning the piano can be fun for you. 

  1. The Piano Is The Easiest Instrument To Play 

If you want to start playing any instrument, the easiest to start with is the piano. Any new experience can be grueling and demanding for a beginner. However, with the piano, the learning curve is bearable and straightforward since you can learn to play a song even on your first day on the instrument. Every instrument has its brutal aspects. For example, you may develop sores on your fingertips when you start playing the guitar. However, with the piano, it is a smooth sail from the first day. 

Additionally, the piano is a foundational instrument if you want to learn to play other instruments. As you learn to play piano keyboard, you get a basic understanding of how musical notes are arranged; you also develop a keen understanding of time and acquire the necessary skills to replicate to other instruments. Who wouldn’t want that? 

  1. The Piano Works Wonders On Your Cognitive Skills 

Learning the piano is a fun way of enhancing your mental capacity and cognitive skills. In simple terms, studies show that learning to play the piano keyboard increases your retention skills, verbal memory, focus, and perseverance, all critical skills if you intend to improve your mental ability. According to studies involving children, those who had undertaken piano lessons for a while had a stronger recollection of vocabulary than those who did not.  

Learning the piano is not helpful for children only. Even older adults who take up piano could improve and promote their cognitive reserve more than those who do not. As such, if you have been looking for a fun way to get smarter, get on the piano keyboard and see your intellect grow. 

  1. Learning To Play The Piano Helps You Create A Social Connection With Others 

Humans are generally very social beings. We always enjoy the company of others now and then. Learning to play the piano keyboard also gives you a chance to improve your social interactions and have fun hanging out with others. When taking piano lessons, you get to interact with fellow students, play with them, and have fun when learning from each other.  

As you continue learning to play the piano, you join different bands depending on your musical interests. As live performances continue getting popular across different genres, you can even become a rock star. Even simple interactions, such as playing the piano over Christmas as your friends and family sing, can be fun interactions with others as you learn to play the piano. 

  1. The Piano Improves Your Creative Expression 

Have you noticed that the piano keyboard is among the most used instruments in many songs? The piano is typical in many songs, ranging from pop music, jazz, classical music, and even music from different cultures worldwide. As such, learning to play the piano keyboard exposes you to different music genres, exponentially increasing your creativity in music.  

Learning to navigate around the piano keyboard also allows you to explore new sounds in case you want to be a music producer. Using digital piano keyboards and MIDI controllers, you can try out new sounds instead of the generic piano sound for different songs. Some options you can try out include Rhodes, organ sounds, brass instruments, synths, and more. With this variety to tickle your creativity, why wouldn’t you want to start learning the piano today? 

  1. The Piano Is A Very Relaxing Instrument 

Learning to play the piano keyboard can also be a fun way of relaxing after a very long and tiring day. Numerous studies have deliberated on the therapeutic effects of music. Sitting on the keyboard can help you power through and relax even during tough and emotionally draining times. Every song has a solid emotional aspect it tries to convey.  

You will notice that upbeat songs have an uplifting effect while slower songs have a soothing effect. Depending on the song choice, as you learn to play the piano, you will have access to a fun way of relaxing using music. 

  1. Learning To Play The Piano Improves Your Coordination 

When playing the piano, you engage multiple parts of your body at the same time. While your hands are the limbs actively involved in playing, you also need your legs to play the pedals, depending on what you want to achieve in the song you’re playing. At the same time, you must also engage your eyes to read the sheet music and anticipate any changes before they happen.  

When playing with a band, you also engage your ears to listen to subtle dynamic changes as you continue to play to keep in cohesion with the other band members. As such, the piano is a fun way to engage your brain and improve your coordination simultaneously. 

  1. The Piano Is A Fun Hobby To Have 

Learning to play the piano is a fun hobby and skill to have that you can keep with you for the rest of your life. As you continue improving in the instrument through consistent learning and practice, you will also improve, thus attracting numerous opportunities as you grow older. Music will open doors for you in entertainment and showbiz. As you continue learning to play, you will notice that you will experience a rich sense of unmatched achievement. In the long run, you will be proud that you started playing the piano from the beginning. 

Final Words 

Learning the piano keyboard is an entertaining activity with numerous rewards. If you are looking for a fun way to join music, improve your intellectual abilities, relax, and enjoy yourself, learning the piano is the best way. Register for your LUMI subscription today and have some fun while learning the piano keyboard. 

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