Cotton or Polyester? Which One Suits Best For Your Company’s Custom Apparels

Since the start of the 21st century, the world has seen a rapid advancement in technology. This emergence has taken the industrial revolution to the whole new level, providing new machinery, technologies, and other components to make it grow big in the world. It has impacted all industries in the world, including clothing, sports, automotive, and various other fields. It has allowed organizations to think proactively about the new age demands so that they can serve better to their customers. In this modern era, the industrial revolution has played a significant part in making our lives easy, both in terms of workload and timing management.


Just like other fields that have seen massive growth by the advancement of technology, the clothing industry has also made giant strides in multiple domains of production and quality. The garment factories, which were only limited to produce 100 apparel pieces per day, are now quite efficient in making 500 or more pieces per day. The optimization of machinery has played an enormous role in easing out all those complicated stuff that was hampering the process of production, providing assistance to the owners and workers to do their routine job comfortably. Not only the production method, but these new tech machines have also offered them ease to craft different types of full custom sublimated apparel. We all know very well that in the garments industry, fabric plays a crucial role in the manufacturing of formal/casual clothing. Using these ultramodern machines, the production of the right material and their usage in clothing has become relatively easy, saving both time and money for the mill owners.

The debate of cotton vs. polyester fabric has become much more significant due to this advancement. It is indeed an evergreen debate that will always stay in the industry even after 50 years. Many people suggest that cotton is the best fabric for all types of outfits, whereas some claim that polyester-made clothes can be used in all kinds of seasons. Right now, many companies rely on the strategy of promotional marketing, in which they use digital tee shirt printing as a part of their campaign’s free giveaway. This helps them to engage their customers better towards the brand so that later they can convert towards it.

But, to engage the customers correctly, these companies must have to keep in mind the quality of their apparels i.e., the fabric and its smoothness. In this article, we will compare both cotton and polyester fabric so that you can get to know which one is better for custom apparel manufacturing. Let’s take a look at them below.

Cotton or Polyester? Which One is Best for Custom Apparel Manufacturing

It is a known fact that both cotton and polyester are highly demanded in the clothing industry, precisely because of their smooth wearing sensation.  It allows your skin to breathe during the summers, controlling sweat and moisture precisely. This is indeed the main reason why many companies prefer cotton for their custom apparel, rightly because of its comfortability in wearing.

Meanwhile on the other side, polyester fabric is also recommended highly because of its usage in all types of seasonal clothes. It is lighter than cotton, which is why recommended more for manufacturing winter outfits. It is up to the companies to decide the apparel type with which they want to kick off their promotional campaigns. If they are going for t-shirts, they can use cotton for those outfits, whereas if they are utilizing hoodies in winters, then they can certainly go for polyester fabric.


That concludes our complete article in which we have explained the difference between cotton and polyester fabric and why companies should pick both of them according to the given conditions. Please let us know what you think about this comparison in the comments below. We’ll wait to hear your positive suggestions.


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