How To Care, Clean, And Store Larimar Jewelry

As rightly said by someone, it is easy to buy a thing but it’s hard to maintain its beauty. Because that requires effort, caring and appropriate measures so that it doesn’t lose its value. The same goes for the case of Gemstone Jewelry. Gemstone Jewelry needs proper care, time-to-time andrningand good storage to maintain its beauty and longevity. Gemstones are extremely special Pieces of stones mined from Earth and that’s why they require special attention too.

Today we are going to Discuss How to take Care of Larimar Gemstone Jewelry. And everything else about it too.

So let’s begin now!

A Brief about Larimar Gemstone Jewelry?

So let’s get started with a brief introduction to La to mar Gemstone Jewelry. Larimar is one of the most popular pieces of Gemstone Jewelry which comes with a very soothing blue color and a pretty texture of Ocean waves over it. This makes it a very beautiful piece of Gemstone for Jewelry making.

Also, the one thing which makes it a very popular choice is that it is not associated with any particular zodiac sign. So as birthstone Jewelry, it is not specific. Secondly, Larimar is also one of the special Chakra Jewelry. It is associated with your Throat Chakra and helps you enhance your communication skills and speaking skills. Also, it brings calmness and peace into your life. It heals mental stress and creates emotional balance in your life. So this was a little introduction to Larimar Gemstone Jewelry.

Now let’s move forward with tips to clean, care and store Larimar Gemstone Jewelry.

How to Clean Larimar Gemstone Jewelry?

Here are the tips to clean your Larimar Jewelry which will help you retain its beauty and looks.

  • Clean with Soft Cloth– Remember that Larimar is a very delicate Gemstone Jewelry and thus you should use only soft cloth while cleaning it. Also, clean your Larimar Jewelry with soft hands. Harsh cleaning with rough cloths can lead to damage and cracks over your Larimar Jewelry.
  • Use Warm Water Solution– Use a lukewarm water solution for cleaning your Larimar Jewelry. Do not use hard or strong soaps instead go for mild soap solutions. This will clean the dirt deposited over the surface of Larimar Jewelry and will give it a fresh shine.

How to Store and Take Care of Larimar Jewelry?

Here are some of the major tips for taking proper care of your Larimar Jewelry:

Avoid usage of Chemicals – Make sure that you do not expose your Gemstone Jewelry to any kind of Chemicals in the form of perfumes, hair products, cleaning agents, etc as it can lead to cracking in Larimar gemstones.

  • Remove your Larimar Jewelry before taking a Shower– Since Larimar is a very porous Gemstone, water should be avoided. Also during Swimming, it can lead to chlorination of it which can also damage the Gemstone a lot.
  • Avoid Rough Usage– Larimar is a very delicate Gemstone and is Prone to scratches and cracks. Thus one should avoid Rough usage of it and should take proper care of it.
  • Do not store in direct exposure to Sunlight – Continuous and direct exposure to Sunlight can also cause damage to Larimar and can even lead to fading of color. That’s why you should not store it under direct exposure to Sunlight.

So these were some of the major tips to take care of your Larimar Jewelry.

Now let’s look at some pretty and classy collections of Larimar Gemstone Jewelry.

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Beautiful Collections of Larimar Jewelry!

Larimar Rings– Larimar Rings are highly popular in the Men’s Category of Jewelry. The Larimar Ring gives a very classy and elegant look to them. Larimar has a very soothing vibe attached to it and brings positivity and energy into your life. Moreover, it suits your professional attire and gives you a great personality too.

Larimar Bracelets– Larimar Gemstone is a very amazing option for making stunning and decent Bracelets. The blue color gives a very astonishing look and works well for both Men and women. Larimar Bracelets have started gaining popularity all over the world today and are becoming everyone’s favorite choice. Larimar Bracelets enhance your personality and looks. Moreover, it is a very comfortable and fashionable piece of Gemstone Jewelry too.

Larimar Necklace– Larimar Necklaces give women a very attractive and Glamorous look. Especially for special occasions like weddings, it is one of the best options to go for. Larimar Necklaces are a bit costly but are completely worth it.

Larimar Pendants– In the form of Pendants, Larimar is a very professional and attractive piece of Jewelry. It is loved a lot by working women who are busy with their work but still want to wear their favorite jewelry daily. So in that case a beautiful Larimar Pendant is one of the best options to go for.

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