5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Out-of-Home Advertising

Have you been put off by the cost of online advertising? Perhaps you’ve spent significant amounts of money on pay-per-click (PPC) marketing campaigns only to get a poor return on your investment? If these scenarios sound familiar, you could benefit from having an out-of-home (OOH) advertising strategy.

As more and more consumers become frustrated with companies bombarding them with ads on their mobile devices, a more subtle OOH approach can pay rich dividends. But is this the right advertising method for you, and what can you expect when investing in an OOH marketing campaign?

Read on for five reasons why you should have an out-of-home advertising strategy.

1. OOH Advertising Grabs Attention

When consumers are on their phones, tablets, or computers, there is too much information competing for space. But, if potential customers are walking or driving to their destination, they are not distracted by mountains of competing ads. This makes it easier for your OOH digital signage to stand out and grab a consumer’s attention.

2. Highly-Targeted Marketing

You can buy space on a digital out-of-home sign where it is most likely to reach your target audience. You could have outdoor advertising messages in a city center location, near a sports ground, or beside a theatre depending on what you sell. This approach means you are not wasting money marketing to people who are unlikely to pay for your services.

3. Drives Consumer Action

When your OOH signage is in the right location, you can encourage consumers to take specific actions. For example, if you own a store, you could use video advertising to show customers how they could use a product you sell to their advantage. Or, you can display an ad outside your premises telling people you are having a flash sale to get more footfall.

4. Cost-Effective Strategy

When using traditional billboard advertising, there can be considerable costs involved as staff have to book your advertising slot and arrange for a colleague to place your ad on the sign. But, when you use out-of-home advertising, the process is simplified. As the whole process happens online, there are reduced costs because fewer people are required.

Even when you want to change an ad, this can happen in a matter of minutes using automated systems over the internet.

5. OOH Advertising Is Unobtrusive

Digital outdoor billboard advertising does not pop up on a web page when consumers are reading an article. Neither does it take up thirty seconds of a person’s time when they are playing an online game. People appreciate they can view the ad at their leisure without it interfering with their current activities.

This can be a crucial aspect as consumers will not associate your brand with the times they have become annoyed by other companies’ more intrusive advertising methods.

Launch Your Out-of-Home Advertising Campaign

Launching an out-of-home advertising campaign can have a significant positive effect on your sales revenues and your brand awareness. Consumers appreciate receiving information in a way that is informative, well-timed, and does not invade their personal space.

You can also attract customers who are most likely to buy products while minimizing your marketing spend.

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