4 Common Relationship Complaints (And How to Resolve Them)

No relationship is perfect, which is why they aren’t a prize to be won but a lifelong commitment. With any commitment, things will change, new negotiations will be made, and you will need to find ways to grow on your own and together. 

It is the commitment to being with your partner through thick and thin that makes or breaks a relationship – but even with that commitment, you can end up in a funk. That’s why even in committed relationships, there are these top common complaints – yet there are ways to finally resolve them. 

Decrease in Sex 

Many couples have sex less, which isn’t a problem unless it bothers you or your partner. It can be frustrating when one has a higher sex drive than the other – but with so many ways to have sex, you can actually find a happy middle. One of the best remedies is to spice things up with sex toys – an exciting example is a strap-on dildo and harness. 

Many adult stores like sell these intense sensual tools that are much loved by all types of couples – and they are particularly very popular in queer and lesbian relationships. With many customizations, you can really please your partner in the way they enjoy best and boost your overall sex life as a result. 

Lack of Listening 

When you are around someone all day long, it’s normal to start to tune out what they are doing, especially if you are watching something, reading, playing a video game, or even if you’re busy with work. If you find that you or your partner have retreated so much that you’re no longer listening to each other when you talk, you need to start making ground rules. 

Ultimately, asking for attention and receiving it is one of the fundamental pillars of any healthy, thriving relationship. If you and your partner don’t make a communication system that works for you, your relationship could be on the outs. 

Perhaps something basic like a tap on the shoulder to let them know they should pause what they are doing to listen to you and vice versa would be an excellent way to boost communication – asking for attention doesn’t have to be complicated!

Lack of Quality Time 

Every relationship needs quality time without distractions. You should aim to have little moments together, date nights, and couple’s trips to keep the intimacy alive. On a basic level, if you want to get the most out of these little moments together, try naked cuddling

Taking the time to enjoy skin-on-skin cuddling while you share your day with your partner can be a powerful way to reconnect, especially if you normally feel too busy for these precious moments. 

External Stressors 

Money issues, job issues, friend issues, family issues – all of these can put a strain on your relationship. The best way to avoid that strain is to work on the problem together as a unified front. It isn’t you vs. your partner; it is you and your partner vs. the problem. 

As soon as you both start framing the issue this way and work on keeping each other in check so that you don’t accidentally take things out on each other, you will immediately have a stronger relationship for it. 

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