12 Amazing Ways To Celebrate A Big Life Event

There are so many life events that deserve celebrating and (especially after the last few years) taking some time out to celebrate these little wins is something you should really look forward to.

While there are many celebration opportunities, there are also many ways to celebrate, and amidst all of the invites, if you’re not planning something really special, it can feel like you’re missing out.

Well, you’re definitely not. You can celebrate anything, any time and there are so many beautiful moments that deserve a little recognition and appreciation in a unique way.

What Events Should You REALLY Celebrate?

Life gives us plenty of reasons to celebrate, from engagements to marriages, births, birthdays, graduations, and more.

What about life events that deserve celebrating? Here are a few suggestions that really deserve a little extra time and attention, and a few ideas to really get your creative juices flowing if you’re planning a celebration!

Birthdays and Anniversaries

Birthdays and anniversaries are celebrations that almost everyone in the world will have. There aren’t many cultures that don’t mark the passing of a year in some way, whether it’s adding another year to your age or celebrating a wedding anniversary.

If you’re celebrating a birthday or an anniversary, there are so many special things you can do to celebrate the occasion. Add another year to your age and make a wish. Set a time for a cake and presents, travel for it or spend the day not doing anything special.

Here are a few ideas for celebrating big birthdays or anniversaries:

Rent A Yacht

The most extravagant way to celebrate a birthday is to rent a yacht!

A yacht doesn’t always have to be for cruising the Mediterranean. It can be an old fishing boat or even a fishing trawler that’s been repainted and refurbished.

Whatever you choose, it needs to be something special and then you’ll need to match it with the occasion.

Whether you are looking to rent a luxury yacht or a back to basics offering, there are lots of companies offering unique experiences for you and your party. Check out yacht rental marina del rey for some great options!

Party In A Marquee

Partying the night away in a fancy marquee is a great way to celebrate a birthday or anniversary. It’s like a big, beautiful venue all to yourself.

It is entirely up to you what kind of party you want: fancy dress and posh food or something a bit more laid back.

You can decorate it and personalize it to your tastes, such as adding some magic with a magician or even bringing an animal in! Your imagination is your only limit!

Throw A Beach Party

When you rent a party venue that is right on the beach, your party is a little bit different. Not only will it look good in your photos, but it’ll be a lot more fun!

You can hire a band and do lots of dancing, you can also bring in some fun games such as volleyball, frisbee and (if it’s not too cold) even swimming in the sea.

You could even have a game of beach football if you’re very brave to play in the sand!

Enjoy A Garden Party

You can throw a garden party for an anniversary that is customized to your tastes. Decorating a garden is a great way to let everyone know how much you loved celebrating your wedding day.

There are lots of creative ideas you can try, such as putting little mementos on beautiful plants or trees.

Baby Showers and Gender Reveals

Baby showers and gender reveal parties both have one thing in common: one of the celebrating parents to be is pregnant, and this usually means they would prefer something quieter rather than an all-night rave!

You can still have a great party, staying away from the typical baby shower activities, but using the same colors and decorating ideas.

When it comes to gender reveals, remember that the whole party is staged around knowing whether the baby will be a boy or a girl, so wherever you are partying, don’t forget the blue and pink decorations!

Here are a few quiet ideas to help you celebrate the new baby:

Rent A Quiet Cabin

If you’re going to have a baby shower, then you could choose to go for a quiet, relaxing weekend away in the countryside. This will give you some time to relax and let everything settle so that it’s almost guaranteed that everyone will enjoy the weekend.

You could hire a cabin from a local lodge or use Airbnb or Expedia to find one on the market.

A Walk In The Countryside

If you don’t have time to take a big trip and you still want to spend time outside, then why not get together and go for a walk in the countryside? You could find an area that’s close by or even just go walking around your local park.

Stopping off for a quiet baby shower on a blanket under a big tree is a very natural and peaceful way to celebrate, but if you’re doing a gender reveal, stay away from any polluting decorations like balloons and glitter.

Hold A Family Barbecue

Depending on the size of your group, a family barbecue is a great way to celebrate. Everyone loves to eat, and barbecues are an ideal way to spend time together.

Pick up some flowers and glitter balloons at the local shop and add some balloons with the baby’s gender written on them to really make it special!

If your friends that will be at the party have small babies and aren’t comfortable being out in public, then you could all simply opt for a relaxing afternoon.

Book A Cruise For A Small Group

Everyone loves a cruise, especially if it’s to a new destination. If you’re going away with a small group, then you can plan your cruise together.

Cruises are expensive, so don’t just book one without checking the details first. Find out what the boat is like and how much it costs, whether it does tours, and if there are any kids clubs.

Bar Mitzvahs and Graduations

A Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah is a Jewish coming-of-age ceremony that is traditionally held when a child comes of age at 13 but can be celebrated at any age after the child has completed their bar or bat mitzvah preparation.

Graduations can happen at any age but are traditionally celebrated at the end of high school or the end of college.

Here are a few ways to celebrate these big life moments:

Road Trips

Road trips are one of the most amazing ways to celebrate a life event and can be as low-cost as going for a casual ride on a weekend, or as extravagant as renting a luxury RV (or a campervan) and heading off into the wild blue yonder.

You could opt for something simple such as heading out to the beach, or up the coast with your friends and family.

Throw A Surprise Party

Whether it’s a birthday or an anniversary, celebrating the special milestone with friends and family should be celebrated in style.

Renting a boat for a barbecue is always a cool idea. What about throwing your own party on the water? You could hire out a small boat to take you and your family on a picnic lunch out on the water, or rent something much bigger, such as a yacht, to really celebrate that special day and have fun.

Book A Room At The Top Of A Skyscraper

What better way to celebrate than with a view of the city?

Book a hotel room at the top of one of the tallest skyscrapers in your local area. All you need to do is book a room and enjoy!

Arrange A Private Jet

A private jet can be an incredible way to travel around the world and it can even be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. What could be more amazing than traveling the world with your friends and family?

Some companies also offer to charter a private jet for small groups to make their life events more memorable and fun. These small jet planes can accommodate lots of people!

Inviting People To Your Celebration

When you’re throwing a quiet celebration party, don’t forget that you still need to invite your friends and family.

If your special day is a birthday, then group chat apps such as WhatsApp are ideal for organizing an event, particularly if you have lots of friends and family who live abroad. Email invitations can also be sent out for a low-key gathering.

Relax And Enjoy Your Special Day

The right guest list can mean the difference between a lovely party and one that your guests will remember for a long time.

People often book a party for celebrations and then add as many guests as possible afterward; this is not how to do it. When selecting guests, you want to ensure that they are people you want around you on your special day, not just because they are invited.

Remember that the essence of throwing a quiet party or celebration is to enjoy it. You don’t need to do anything extravagant; all you need is to be yourself and have fun!

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