4 best camps for kids in summer 2022

Summer camps are a good activity for the kids, they learn a lot of things there. But the question is which summer camps are giving you the best camps and you feel safe.

Here on Vents About, we will give you the best camps for kids for summer in 2022. These summer camps include many activities for your kids with safety measures. Finding and searching for the best camps for kids for summer is a very difficult thing. So in case, you can get easily the best camps we give you the list of the best camps for kids for summer.

Which are the best camps for kids?

  1. Camp Olympia
  2. PlanetBravo
  3. River Valley Ranch Camps
  4. Raquette Lake Camp

Camp Olympia

There are many camps but camp Olympia is the most reliable and best camp. They have the best environment and everything is going with punctuality and on time.

This camp is included in our best camp for kids list because they have more than 40+ activities to do on their and every activity can be done on time. The time is mentioned on the schedule which is given to every camper to see every activity time.

This is the best camp for kids in summer due to their facilities and their class they are just providing everything to the campers and due to their neat and clean environment and capable management, we suggest the camp Olympia the best camp for kids.

Camp Olympia is located in Texas.


If your kids are interested in technology then this will be the best camp for your kid. Planet Bravo is the camp in which can enjoy the new technology and go to see how it works and what is inside it.

They also have many activities to do and have capable staff that will help your kid to learn quickly and easily they clear your kid all queries.

Planet Bravo is offering outdoor activities for the kids so that they can be fit from mind and body.

They are offering many tech camps which includes:

  • Coding
  • Python
  • Minecraft
  • Designing

In these camps, your children can learn many things under capable faculty. They are arranging summer camps in California. Their summer camps start in Mid May to August. They have very affordable packages compared to other camps of summer. With all these facilities they are providing that’s why we have listed this in our list of best camps for kids for summer in 2022.

River Valley Ranch Camps

The best camp is located in the United States of America. And the largest covered area camp for kids. If you are planning to send your kids to the camps do select the River Valley Ranch Camp. They have the best facility so that your kids can learn different things in life.

They have many types of camps including day and night. They have outdoor camps and also some cozy traditional camps. The main benefit they have is that they have the largest place in a valley. Their camp is on 500 acres of land which is a very large piece of land if we compare it with other camps. Your kid can do many adventures in a very vast piece of land.

Raquette Lake Camp

The very eldest and most reliable camp of the United States is the Raquette Lake camp. This camp will teach your kids how to survive in every condition. They have many types of physical activities and responsible staff. They offer you:

  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Singing
  • Building things in the forest

And many more things. This is the best camp for kids for the summer of 2022.


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