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7 Basic Types Of Spatula For Cooking

7 Basic Types Of Spatula For Cooking.

As you know there are many types of spatula for cooking. You use them just like everything else in the contemporary kitchen, including bowls, forks, and spoons. You just know all types of Spatula for cooking.

What is Spatula?

A spatula is a kitchen instrument that is used to mix and distribute ingredients. It features a broad, flat, and blunt blade that helps you raise and distribute the food you’re cooking in your pan.

7 Basic Types of Spatula For Cooking

  1. Plastic
  2. Metal or Stainless Steel
  3. Rubber
  4. Silicone
  5. Wood
  6. Perforated flipper spatula
  7. Slotted spatula


Plastic spatulas are basic types of Spatula. Plastic spatulas are often inexpensive and readily available. For those wanting to equip their kitchen on a budget, almost each spatula type will have a plastic variant.

Plastic spatulas are very easy to clean and will withstand dishwashers, scrubbing, and the occasional fall to the floor. They may, however, leach unpleasant chemicals into your food, and if you ever leave a plastic spatula on top of a hot pan or iron skillet, you’ll need to ventilate the kitchen to get rid of the burnt plastic odor. The spatula will most likely become burned and lose its form.

Metal or Stainless Steel

Metal are types of a spatula. A spatula made of stainless steel or metal is more sturdy and resilient. It can withstand extremely high temperatures, making it an excellent choice for flipper and grilling spatulas. Furthermore, these spatulas may be made into an extremely thin form, making crumbly things simpler to handle.

Metal spatulas seldom lose their form when exposed to direct heat. To avoid accidentally cutting hands, they frequently feature a beveled edge and a square design with rounded corners. When using it, though, be sure to purchase one with a solid wooden handle or use cooking mitts. In a matter of seconds, metal may move from warm to burning. The non-stick coating on pans and woks can also be damaged by using a metal or stainless steel spatula.


Rubber is a delicate fabric that can generally tolerate moderate heat. It’s also extremely cost-effective, but without the majority of the risks associated with plastic.

Because of these characteristics, a rubber spatula is an excellent choice for baking and spreading icing or cream. Rubber spatulas, on the other hand, should be kept away from curries and tomato-based foods since they stain readily.


Silicone may be found in practically all spatula types, but they’re particularly well-known for baking and sweet-making. Because a silicone spatula has a considerable propensity to retain more intense aromas, if you’re working with something that involves fried onions, you might as well transfer that heady aroma to your next dish.


Wood is relatively inexpensive and eco-friendly. Spatulas, is the favorite material for those who want to preserve their non-stick woks. It is also comfortable to grip and won’t burn your hand.

Perforated flipper spatula

Perforated flipper spatulas, often known as “turners,” have a long handle and a broad, thin trapezoid surface to handle the food. This spatula style also has a series of holes on the surface, sometimes known as the “blade,” that are supposed to leave liquid or sauce behind.

Slotted spatula

Slotted spatulas are much like their perforated opposite numbers in phrases of form and characteristics. Instead of a succession of round holes, they typically function slits alongside the period of the blade, every measuring 14 inches wide. And the holes on a perforated spatula are regularly bigger.


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