13 Different Hairstyles For Women In 2021

Did you know that your hair is stimulated in warmer weather and more likely to grow in a warmer climate? This means that if you live in a cooler area, your hair is sadly less likely to grow.

Even if your hair doesn’t grow fast, there’s a style for you this year. It might seem difficult trying to pick out the best hairstyles for women, but it doesn’t have to be! Read this article about the top hairstyles for women in 2021 today!

1. Keep It Long

If you’re interested in long hair, keep it sleek! For hair that you wish was longer, you can always put in some hair extensions.

In order to keep your hair looking as shiny as possible, apply a serum once you’re out of the shower. This will lock in the moisture for your locks. For a more natural option, choose one with a bamboo extract.

2. Modern Day Diana

Many women are choosing a more modern look of Princess Diana’s hairstyle. This new hairstyle for women is a mix between a pixie and a short-layered bob.

3. Short Mohawk

For the confident ladies out there, choose a short mohawk. For some color and drama, shave the bottom and have the salon place designs. You can also have the mohawk dyed a different color than the rest of your hair.

4. 60s Style

Bring it back to the 60s by having long hair that falls below your shoulders. To complete the look, have loose waves and consider a headband on top. Besides headbands, you can also have a black ribbon instead.

5. Crimped Style

All 90s children get hyped, the crimped style is back in style! You can easily get this style by using a curling iron. Be sure to check YouTube for free tutorials on how to achieve this look.

6. Long Layers

If you want to have long hair but still have layers, opt for long layers. They’ll be great at layering your face without making your hair too thick.

7. Natural Curls

Natural is all the rage for hairstyles for women in 2021. Choose your natural curls and lock in the moisture with oil.

8. Curly Bangs

Bring back the 70s and curly bangs into the new year. For a fresh but retro look, curly bangs are your go-to.

Choose different face-framing pieces and bangs for the completed look. Have your stylist cut around your bangs when they’re dry. Leave it longer than you’d like in order to allow the curls to bounce.

9. Low-Maintenance

If you’re looking for a simple look with minimal work, choose a low-maintenance haircut. Choose a blunt cut for straight hair.

For curly hair, think about shrinkage and the pattern of your curls. For wavy hair, you’ll want to add layers around the crown to give it some more shape.

10. Pixie

Choose a short pixie if you want a dramatic hairstyle that’s low maintenance. You can even have the bottom shaved and add in fun designs to the pattern.

11. Curtain Bangs

For a low-maintenance option when it comes to bangs, choose curtain bangs. The great part is that they’re long enough to pin back or grow out. So if you change your mind, you’re not stuck with bangs.

For a perfect look, keep the edges longer than the middle. The ends should be soft and start at the center of the pupils. Then they’ll work to the jawline.

12. Boyish Pixie

For some fun, add some layers and color to your pixie. Consider dying it a lighter color to really make it pop.

13. High Pony

Even if you’re not Ariana Grande, you can still wear a high ponytail. Place it at the highest point on your head and then straighten the rest.

How To Choose Your Next Hairstyle?

First, when deciding which hairstyle to go with, take a look at the shape of your face. For longer faces, you’ll want to go with a medium length. Avoid longer hairstyles since they’ll elongate your face.

For square and round shapes, go with bangs. Straightened hairstyles look great as well.

Don’t use fluffy hairstyles since they’ll make your face appear larger and broader. Long hairstyles will look best on this shape.

Take into consideration your forehead as well. For larger foreheads, you’ll want to go with front or side bangs. Smaller foreheads can use side bangs or skip bangs altogether.

As you take a look at different hairstyles, don’t forget to consider your personality and the color you’re seeking as well. Think about the thickness of your hair since that’ll also play a factor.

Your lifestyle should be a consideration as well. Whether you’ll have time to style your hair in the morning or are looking for a more low-maintenance option.

Don’t forget to pinpoint the current trends and decide if you like any of those. You can also use different apps that’ll let you try different hairstyles. If you’re not sure if long hair is right for you then you can try out extensions.

Exploring Different Hairstyles for Women

After exploring this guide, you should have a better idea of the different hairstyles for women out there. Take your time going through the different options in order to decide what’s best for you.

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