Why Should You Implement OECD PISA Assessments in Your School

Many schools have now hopped onto the OECD PISA for Schools test bandwagon and have reported better academic results for their educational institutes after implementing the testing program.

There is a reason behind the popularity of The OECD PISA for Schools globally, and you should consider several different factors before determining whether it’s suitable for your school. The OECD PISA for Schools Assessment provides country-level comparable data when you choose to conduct it through educational providers such as Janison.

What is the OECD PISA for Schools Assessment?

The OECD PISA for Schools Assessment is a school-level assessment that gives your school an insight into the learning environment, academic performance, and how well your students are applying their knowledge to actual assessments.

It provides individual school reports that you can then utilise to make your school’s teaching style and curriculum better and see where your students make the most common mistakes.

How Does It Help Your School?

The assessment will help your school benchmark its performance in a global setting. Schools are using the results to set goals against the best school systems worldwide and to create a greater sense of urgency to push for higher levels of achievement.

A student questionnaire that comes with the OECD PISA for Schools Assessment will also allow you to gather essential data about your student’s background, thoughts on your school’s teaching environment, and much more.

Internal School Benchmarks

If you continue to conduct this assessment every year, your school will be able to see if it is improving on specific parameters or not. This is a good way to determine whether new methods and strategies are working for your students or not.

It can also help you drive focused strategies towards areas that may need more improvement than others.

Holistic Indicator of School Environment

When you are compared against other schools nationwide, it gives you a better idea about where your school and your education system stands.

It gives an indicator to your educators on areas they could improve upon and tactics they could be applying so certain outcomes are better for the entire school.

Learning Opportunity

Conducting the OECD PISA For Schools Assessment is a learning opportunity for your school, students, and teachers. It allows them to be tested on national parameters and see how well their knowledge can stack up with their peers on a national level.

To Measure Your School’s Performance

When your school opts to conduct the OECD PISA For Schools Assessment, it prepares students to enter a global scenario, enlightening them on how much they still need to grow and learn compared to their international peers.

It offers your school critical insights on a global scale, the learning environment, student attitudes, and engagement in your school compared to others.


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