Ultimate Guide To Become Full-Time Tuition Teacher In Singapore

Many students and working people in Singapore pursue tutoring part-time as a hobby and make a decent side income. But, doing it as a full-time tutor requires a totally different approach. The teachers need to start from scratch to establish, network, & promote themselves in the tutoring market. However, if you follow the right strategies, full-time tuition Singapore has many rewarding opportunities.

In short, if you want to become a successful full-time tutor, you must be familiar with some tips & tricks and the best approaches. For your help, we have curated a detailed guide for the same. So, without any further delay, let’s go through it.

How To Become A Full-Time Tuition Teacher in Singapore?

Choose The Subject and Academic Level

One of the basic but most important things to decide in the very beginning is the subject. You should be proficient and interested in the subject that you plan to teach. Because tutors’ career trajectory majorly depends on how good they are in specific subjects. So, preferably go with the one that you find exciting to teach and have good basic knowledge about. 

Most tutoring aspirants give up at the start as they think that they don’t have the necessary skills and knowledge regarding a particular subject. However, by just going through the textbooks for once, you will regain all the necessary concepts and formulas in your mind. This way, you can start your tutoring business effectively, avoiding all sorts of issues. 

Moreover, choosing the right academic level is crucial. As a tutor, you have the option to teach primary, high school, and college students. So, it boils down to your personal preferences which level of students you are most comfortable teaching. 

Furthermore, here are some of the important points one must consider:

  • Some subjects have more requirements for tutoring. For instance, English, Science, and Maths tuition Singapore always remains in high demand because they are opted for by the majority of the students. 
  • You can get high tutoring fees if you have expertise in multiple subjects. Because parents want to save themselves from the hassle of selecting different tutors for different subjects. So, if you can teach more than one subject, it’s a competitive advantage over other tutors.
  • By teaching learners at a higher academic level, such as university students, one can get good tutoring fees. So, you are advised to go for the highest academic level as per your capabilities.

How To Find Students in The Beginning?

This question keeps revolving in the tutors’ minds when they are getting started with their careers. However, finding students for tuition classes is not that difficult if you follow the right approach. 

One of the most effective ways of connecting with learners is through tuition agencies. These education platforms simplify the process of finding students. The tutors just need to share their qualifications and other required information to register with the platform.  

Afterward, the agency verifies the tutor’s data and finally makes their profile public on their website. The main benefit of registering with a tutoring agency is that you directly get exposure to thousands of students near your location. Hence, there are high chances of you getting students for tutoring.

When you start getting tutoring requests, preferably accept the ones that are located near your residence. Because if you accept assignments from learners that live far away from your location, you will face several issues. Firstly, you need to spend a lot on travelling. Secondly, there are chances of getting late for classes.

Hence, a good approach is to accept tutoring assignments nearby your location. It is beneficial for both the students and the tutors, as the sessions can be delivered effectively, and on time. 

Establishing The Tutoring Business

If you follow the above approaches, you will get the initial students easily. But to move to the next level and establish your business, you need to promote tutoring services. Here are the most effective ways to do the same:

Offer Referral Reward To Existing Students

The existing students are the ones who have the hands-on experience of attending your sessions. They can be a good source of marketing and promoting your services to their friends and social circle.

For this reason, you should offer a referral reward to existing students so that they effectively promote your services via word of mouth. The most common way of rewarding the learners is by providing them with a discount on the tuition fees for their next session.

Online Marketing

Having a website and a Facebook page is one of the most common but effective approaches for marketing the tutoring business. One can utilise these platforms to resolve students’ doubts and queries and build an online community.  

Once you have a certain amount of traffic on your social media handles and websites, some percent of the followers will also opt for your tutoring services. Moreover, an informative and engaging personal website acts as a good portfolio for your services.

Offline Promotions

Offline promotions hold equal importance as online marketing. Print advertisements may seem outdated but are an effective way of informing the students and parents about your tutoring services. By placing the print ads at suitable locations, you can expect many learners to approach you for tuition.

The key is to select locations where the students and parents can easily notice the advertisements. Some of the best locations are nearby schools, supermarkets, etc. In these places, the learners or their guardians visit regularly, so the chances of them reading the print advertisement are higher.


To become a successful full-time tutor, you need to effectively follow the points mentioned above. However, in the beginning, dealing with all these things may seem overwhelming; they are a must to kickstart a career in full-time tutoring.

After creating a strong foundation for your tutoring business, you can easily get the desired number of students and pursue a lucrative career. Additionally, you should keep gathering more knowledge and upskilling yourself in the respective subject to stay relevant in the tutoring industry for a long time.

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