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Why is DA PA Important in SEO?

It is a golden era for marketers as the internet has made their jobs much more straightforward. Thousands of software and algorithms are created to help them. However, they are still racing to be on the top of the list. To reach the top of the list, they have to rank websites at the top of SERPs. For this, they use the best SEO techniques and metrics like DA and PA. If you want to take over your competitor’s website, you can use the DA PA checker tool. It is used to know your website’s score and improve it. Keep on reading to comprehend the importance of DA PA in SEO.

What is the Difference Between DA and PA?

These are two of the best SEO metrics ever introduced to the world. The abbreviation of DA PA is Domain Authority and Page Authority. These metrics were developed by an SEO company Moz. The metrics utilize several algorithms and sub-metrics to calculate the value of a website on the SERPs. The value of the website is shown through numbers from 0 to 100. So if your website scores somewhere around 60, it is incredible. However, these metrics have not been officially adopted by Google. So these are used to predict your website’s rank and keep you aware of your competitors.

The only difference between DA and PA is that DA covers the whole website’s performance, and PA covers one page of the website. All other methods and calculations are similar. PA is just like a smaller version of DA.

The Importance of DA and PA in SEO

DA is used to check the strength of the entire website. But PA is what affects the rank of your web pages on the search engine result pages. Search engines continuously update their policies and settings to display the best results to their customers. 

Therefore, pages with the best content and optimization are shown at the top of the screen. For example, Google is the best search engine, and why? Because it delivers the most accurate and relevant results according to the keywords entered. If your website is well-optimized and contains the target keyword, it will definitely show on the front page. 

So this means you have to improve and update it regularly to increase your rank. Your website’s rank does not depend on quality content but on the DA PA of the website. So if you upload some engaging content back-to-back and have a lower DA PA (due to negligence of other aspects), your website will definitely rank lower. You have to analyze your website and implement SEO strategies that will actually improve your DA PA score. 

However, you can not change it overnight. You have to be consistent and patient. It is easier to increase the DA PA score from 20 to 30 or under 50. But as the score increases, it becomes more challenging. One thing to remember is never to go for perfection because your website can not reach the 100 mark practically.

The DA PA of a website actually depends on its strength, trustworthiness, and value. The primary thing that affects the DA PA scores is backlinks. If your web page gets backlinks from a few reputed websites, it is party time for you because it is all you need. But if your web page gets too many backlinks from low-ranked sites, it will not work for you well. Therefore, keep in mind that backlinks are keys to improving your DA PA score and ranking higher on SERPs.

DA and PA: Which is More Important?

Both of these metrics are important in their own ways. The DA helps you make your entire website better. On the other hand, PA focuses on individual pages. So PA is more important for SEO as the pages are displayed on the SERPs, not the website. However, we can even neglect the DA score. Because if your website is not firm enough, how can your web pages perform better? Therefore, you have to focus on both of these SEO metrics. These metrics intensely affect the SEO and can take your website to space within months. 

Checking the DA PA of a Website 

Follow the simple guideline and learn “how to use ETTVI’s DA PA checker tool.” You can click on this link and reach the official website of ETTVI. On the top, you will see some of the best tools listed in a green bar. You have to click on the second last one, DA PA Checker. And the ETTVI’s DA PA Checker tool page will appear. 

You will find a URL bar in the centre of the page. Enter your website’s domain in the URL bar and double-check it before moving forward. Then click on the “Check” button beneath it. The results will be shown within 2 seconds. 

Bottom Line

Domain Authority and Page Authority are not magic spells. These are just some SEO metrics. So you have to focus on basic SEO strategies such as backlinking, content optimization, promotion, etc. Google has not approved DA and PA ranking factors. These are just used to predict rank and quality. So do not fully rely on these and put some effort into your work. 

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