When Should Couples Look For An Extra Marital Affairs Investigation?

If you think your partner is cheating on you and having an affair outside the marriage, the alarm bell should ring. But suspicion alone should never be a reason enough to feel distressed or think of some stern actions, so it’s always better to be first sure about those lingering doubts and then take the decision afterward.

But how can you be sure about whether or not your partner is straying? Is there a way to find the truth?

Well, first of all, you need to look for signs and clues that indicate something is fishy, like changes in your spouse’s behavior, their late arrival from work, their pretension of long phone calls to colleagues, and so on. And even if all this does not help much, you can always think of taking the help of top Sleuths of India on the matter.

Yes, couples are hiring a marriage detective agency to check on their spouses and to find out about their extramarital affairs. You can also benefit from extramarital investigation services to get useful information on your spouse and this can always help in making informed decisions.


Here are some of the top reasons why couples go for sleuths offering extra marital investigation services –

You’re yet to marry and want special infidelity checks on the partner

Matrimonial sites are indeed helpful when it comes to finding the right match but they won’t be able to provide any useful information about the past of someone you plan to marry. These sites will have all the information about the prospective brides or grooms but in the end, you need to go a step ahead and find whether the potential candidate is having any relationship or affair. You can rely on special infidelity checks where matrimonial detectives can gather detailed information about the partner and dig deep into finding any sign of affair they have.

You’re married and you doubt your partner is cheating

Infidelity check is always a viable option for couples who feel their partner is cheating on them. Either of the spouses, whether male or female, can benefit from this service and have a private detective find them the truth behind the matter. By hiring an expert team, it becomes possible to reach to the truth of the matter as then there will be enough evidence to support your doubt. Only doubting the integrity of your partner and not taking any step regarding the same can make your life miserable as who knows all this is figment of your imagination. For that reason, one should never hesitate in turning to a private detective to find help in the matters of adultery.

You’re seeking evidence on your cheating partner to file for divorce

There are cases where couples seek divorce from their partners on the ground of extra marital affairs. So, they hire detectives with the purpose to get sufficient proof regarding the infidelity of their partner. In fact, cheating is a proof admissible in the court of law for granting divorce to couples and for that reason extra marital investigation is considered helpful. In a lot of cases, couples have gone on to use the evidence against their partner to get divorce and also a fat alimony. If you think your partner is cheating on you and you want evidence, there is no better way than to hire a sleuth and collect the right evidence in the matter.

You’re seeking child custody due to a cheating partner

Child custody is always a complicated issue when couples plan to get divorce. And where divorce is not sought on cheating grounds and whether both the partners show strong will for child custody, it can drag the matter for months on end. To avoid long-drawn legal hassles, many couples try to gather evidence against their respective spouses’ cheating to gain an edge in the matters of child custody. If it’s proven in the court of law that the partner seeking child custody is into adultery, their case can weaken considerably. For that reason, many couples take this route and hire top detectives for finding accurate evidence on their cheating partners.


You can clearly see how pre matrimonial investigation is not the only thing that can lay the foundation of strong marriage life. You can also benefit from an infidelity investigation and use the evidence to decide the next step in your marriage life.

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