Can An Intimate Session Replace Exercises?

For a long time, it is believed that an intimate session gives as many benefits as an intense physical activity. Medical experts are of the view that an average intimate session burns 4 calories which is better than zero calorie burn out.

An intimate session can be the only cardiovascular exercise for a mid-aged man who is otherwise too busy to go out for an exercise. Whatever is the view of experts, but the scientific base is that an intense intimate session releases happy hormones that lift mood, bring down blood pressure, and increase cardiovascular health. Here are some facts that proponents and opponents of the question put forward on the issue that intimate sessions can be called an exercise.

Physical activities last longer than an average intimate session

Any physical activity lasts longer than a few minutes of an intimate session. The benefit from physical activity will always be more as compared to intimate sessions. Even for couples who are in their 30s, the intimate session lasts only for an average 6 minutes. The few calories that are supposed to be burnt out are around 5 or 6 calories. However, with 200 mg Sildenafil citrate, a higher dose prescribed for higher erection difficulties, a man can extend the duration easily. The 5 hours support period of medicine makes another session possible. But that is nothing compared to the calories lost in intense physical exercises.

One cannot sustain the moderate exercise benefits in an intimate session

It is possible that during the intense intimate session, a man reaches the level of moderate physical exercise. The exertion may equal the level one gets during a gym session. But it is not possible to sustain this intense level beyond a few minutes. The intense minutes happen just before orgasm. Those who are not in favor of counting intimate sessions as an exercise regimen say that benefits from playing tennis, badminton or walking uphill are far greater for the body. The monitoring of the heart during treadmills and in an intimate session also revealed that benefits from treadmills far outweigh the few calories burn out from an intimate session.

Some form of exercise

It is right that an intimate session cannot be an intense exercise, but is still giving a lot of benefits. The first benefit is that it releases happy hormones, serotonin, which relaxes the body and prevents gloomy mood. Only ten minutes of the session with the partner improve cardiovascular health and give a sound sleep afterwards. The sound sleep itself is a rewarding feature for a relaxed mind.

Relieve anxiety and depression,

Observations have shown that a highly satisfying act with the partner lowers anxiety, depression, and high blood pressure. The body releases serotonin, oxytocin, and prolactin after an intense orgasm. All these hormones lift mood, lower blood pressure, bring mental and physical relaxation, and lower stress. All these facts have been established by countless studies.

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Improved immunity and lower heart risk

A man with above average intimate life has better immunity, lower risk for prostate issues and better cardiovascular health. A study found that a higher intimate life increases immunity against germs, infections, common colds and seasonal risks to health. The certain kind of antibodies increases in such males and females with higher than average intimate life. Then there are other benefits which occur to give a further boost to immunity. These are sound sleep, moderate activities that work as good appetizers, and a highly relaxed mind.

Stimulation reduces pain

Vaginal stimulation in women helps them to reduce back pain, leg pain and cramps associated with the menstrual cycle. Orgasm is the best way to increase the pain threshold as it releases a hormone that does the trick. Even stimulation without orgasm also functions in the same way.

Lower risk of erectile dysfunction

Males with regular sessions with the partner are less likely to face erection issues as compared to males with less than normal intimate life. Regular sessions keep libido at the higher levels which keep erection issues at bay. Erection issue, a lack of ability to get an erection, can also happen due to low libido. Only a man with normal or above normal libido can get the best out of a Generic cialis 60 mg Tadalafil , a higher dose doctors prescribe to overcome severe erection difficulty


Having an intimate session with the partner has many benefits ranging from physical to mental and emotional. Whether intimate sessions are an exercise or not, in mid-years of life, it is one of the best cardiovascular exercises. The bond between couples increases with higher intimacy. It leads to further improvement in intimacy life itself.

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