What Does The Price Of A PA System Depend On?

PA stands for a public address system, which refers to a set of equipment used for specified purposes during big events at large venues. A basic kit of a public address system should include loudspeakers, microphones, and amplifiers. As you can guess from this selection, all these tools contribute to the increased volume of the sound. Most commonly such systems are used during public events such as large performances, protests, concerts, and others. 

With the help of a high-quality PA system, organizers of the event can make sure that everyone in the crowd will hear an announcer or performer, whether it’s a public address or a huge rock concert. Most commonly, such events take place in squares or sports stadiums, so if you want to organize an event at such a venue — a PA system rental is a must-have for you.

Why rent? Obviously, an entire system that includes such a wide selection of different types of equipment is a huge investment for an event organizer. On the whole, you might need thousands of dollars, which isn’t relevant for a one-day performance at the local square, for instance. Thus, it’s better to rent a PA system, while considering these factors that are likely to impact the price of rental services:

  • Equipment availability. Obviously, if you are going to rent some sophisticated systems, they aren’t always available in the market. That’s why some suppliers may offer higher prices on them. Consider this when choosing a rental company for your event.
  • Location of the rental company. When you rent a PA system, you will obviously need delivery services. While some suppliers include delivery services in rental, others might not. Consequently, if the rental company you’ve found is from another state, you might be charged an additional fee.
  • Rental duration. The duration of your event impacts the price of the PA system rental service. This is because equipment suppliers might have a lot of orders. It’s not economically efficient for them to provide a PA system for the only client for a long time without charging extra fees.
  • Type and quality of the equipment. There are different PA systems and they cost differently. More sophisticated loudspeakers and amplifiers are more expensive. The same goes for batteries with bigger capacities and other types of inventory. The brand of the equipment also impacts its price.
  • Additional services and accessories. Not all suppliers include assembly costs in the general PA system rental tariff. Find this out before choosing a system and placing an order.

Where to rent?

If you are looking for a PA system rental in New York, it’s difficult to find a better company than AudioVideoNYC. This supplier has a wide assortment of PA systems that consist of the highest quality tools. What’s more, it’s your ultimate partner for all types of events. The reason for this is that AudioVideoNYC has in stock not only PA systems, but also different types of lighting equipment and decoration elements. Besides, professional assembly and installation services.

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