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What are the Best Places to Visit in India in 2022?

Best Places to Visit in India in 2022

If we talk about the best place to visit in India in 2022, here on Vents About we will tell you some best places so you can visit India. India is the place of lots of tradition and ancientness if we go to their old place. India is a land of mysterious, histories, and much more unsolved mysteries.

India is this piece of land also have beautiful places full of green natures so if you want to visit in India, you can plan to visit. To assist you we shortlist some of the best places to visit in India 2022.

Here is the best place to visit in India?

  1. Mcleodganj
  2. Kausani
  3. Shillong
  4. Kotagiri
  5. Shimla


Mcleodganj is the best place to visit in India for those people who desire to enjoy the power of nature more closely, feel the Goddess beauty of nature, & wanted to do some adventure. The people who want all these can visit India to explore this beautiful piece of land.

This green piece of land looks like a proper piece of heaven, you can do a lot of adventure on this piece of green land known as Mcleodganj.

The weather there is good, not so cold not so hot. Which is just beautifully perfect.


Kausani is also the best and the most beautiful place to visit in India. Basically, this is the peak of the mountain and the most beautiful place couples, family and with your kids, you can come and enjoy the beautiful view of these mountains, the height is almost 2000 meters.

The temperature mostly their is 8°C to 24°C. You can enjoy many scenes of their beautiful sunrise.

This location is especially well-known for the stunning views it provides, with the most popular peaks dominating the horizon.


Everybody knows Shimla, which is very famous for couples to stay for their honeymoon period spending theirs. Shimla is not just for couple’s only everybody can come also families. The land is just famed from a couple’s honeymoon period.

Shimla is a natural beauty haven, you can spend your vacation here with your families, the temperature here is mild too.

So if you ever wanted to visit India must explore these hill points. Every hill point is unique from one another.


Kotagiri is the best place to visit in India for those who want to relax and want to pass their vacation peacefully. This place is famous for its quietness and peace.

Kotagiri looks like a pure green patch. When you enter this valley your eyes feel so relaxed after seeing the attractive blueish sky contrasting with the patch of the land full of green environment.

Must visit India for full of fun vacation and peaceful place so visit Kotagiri to relax your mind there. We know you are also worried about the temperature, so we are also informing you that the temperature is not so high it is between 19°C to 29°C which is best to relax in a quiet place and inhale the fresh air of the green land gives you a feel of freshness.


Are you thinking about taking a trip during your summer vacation?

Shillong is the best place to visit in India to enjoy your trip with your family. In Shillong, there are hundreds of things which you can adventure. Some beautiful tracks of hiking, many peak hills and also most beautiful, wonderful and freshwater direct coming from upper mountain. Yes, you guess right it is waterfalls.

This place is very peaceful and in summer the temperature is also not so hot it is only 13°C to 22°C. Air is also very fresh because this place is on the peak of the mountain. We suggest you this place to visit in India if you want some peaceful and adventurous vacations.

So if you ever wanted to visit India must explore these hill points. Every hill point is unique from one another.


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