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Cordelia cruises: Things to know


Decorating Your Cabin Door and Cabin:

We a, to some  to some our passengers. We adore your passengers. After that, for safety reasons, decorations may consist only of fire-retardant materials and shall be installed at the sole discretion of the management of Cordelia Cruises for your chilled mind. 

Cabin Safe:

For you, the passenger’s convenience and security, a safe may be provided in every cabin for your pleasure. All the passengers may utilise the safe at their own risk and Cordelia Cruises shall not be responsible for the same, keep it in mind. 

Pool Safety:

For every aspect of their cruise experience, Cordelia Cruises is dedicated to giving all of its customers a safe and comfortable atmosphere.This includes complete pool safety, which you have always taken very seriously.

Vigilance and awareness is clearly proven to be the best means for you to ensure safety when using water facilities such as pools, waterparks, and everyone, including parents and all the employees, share in that responsibility. In the end, you have to make and will continue to make significant investments in training our lifeguards positioned around pool areas through highly respected water safety training organizations training in first aid, CPR, and water safety, as well as being ready to start proactive intervention if necessary for everyone.

It is an additional layer of safety, they may provide complimentary swim life vests for use in ship pools. Hence, Cordelia Cruises does not guarantee life vests to each Passenger onboard. Each pool has the usual safety apparatus for the water..

All the pools are generally open from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm; and in every hour may vary at the sole discretion of Cordelia Cruises.

Here are some of them: Every pools in the fleet have signs posted with the pool rules:

No Lifeguard on Duty, Parents are responsible for their children, Not every children in diapers or who are not toilet-trained, Use pool at your own risk, Showers are required prior to use, Watch your step on wet surfaces, you can use ladder and handrails to enter and exit the pool, you don’t have to use it if you are experiencingPassengers experiencing any of these symptoms, including fever, vomiting, or diarrhoea, should visit the medical centre right once. absolutely no running, riding, jumping, or diving, No eating, smoking, or using glass containers.

Take children on frequent bathroom breaks

Visitors’ Policy. 

Overall, the entire fleet of Cordelia Cruises is subject to the “No Visiting” regulation.. These all facts apply to all ports of embarkation and ports of call. All the passengers sailing on our cruises will not be permitted to have visitors on board to see them off. This frequent policy was implemented to improve our overall security program and it enhances the on board experience for our passengers during embarkation day.

All the following exceptions apply to this policy: the wedding Passengers attending a wedding ceremony or reception or visitors attending any type of party or reception onboard that has been previously arranged by the Voyage charters or Wedding Services Department, it will follow the policies stated by this Department.

Cruise Ship Safety Features:

The safety of our guests and staff is our top priority, and Cordelia Cruises ensures that every one of its passengers has a fun-filled holiday.The fleet of Cordelia Cruises has a stellar safety record, and we collaborate closely with many regulatory organisations to guarantee the safety of our guests and staff.

Approximately 4000 smoke sensors on a conventional Cordelia Cruises ship can be heard on the ship’s bridge.. This particular bridge is manned 24 hours a day whether a ship is at sea or in port. For this availability the sensors are located in every passenger and crew cabin as well as all public areas. These sensors are ultra-sensitive by design. As a result  the bridge may receive a number of false alarms each day. In all cabins, for example, cigarette smoke and even hairspray and body spray can set off an alarm. Afterwards, it is the cruise industry’s belief that locally sounding alarms would cause undue panic and chaos on a regular basis. In this event of a real emergency, such panic could undermine the successful execution of emergency procedures. When a smoke cabin alarm sounds, a bridge officer immediately deploys roving fire team personnel to investigate the area.

Every Cordelia Cruises ship has more life jackets than it needs to comply with maritime regulations and with the number of guests and employees on board. For safety purposes life jackets are located within passenger cabins and there are additional jackets at lifeboat stations and on board the lifeboats themselves. There are sizes for adult, child, and infant life jackets available.

Although English is our ships’ official language, our staff will happily help passengers in the various regional languages of India as well.. All crewmembers that conduct In the event of an emergency, passengers would be directed by the lifeboat exercise.gency.


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