Top 5 Tips On Choosing The Perfect Engagement Ring For Your Girlfriend

Australia has been mining diamonds since the nineteenth century. The earliest record was in 1851, when it was accidentally found while miners were mining for gold. Since then, the country has become one of the largest diamond-producing countries in the world. Engagement ring are beautiful.

The availability of naturally mined diamonds and the excellent craftsmanship of Australian jewellers are the driving force behind the country’s huge jewellery industry. It is, therefore, not surprising that all those men who are thinking of popping the question trust AU engagement rings to help them get a yes from the women they love.

When searching for an engagement ring, the biggest problem any man faces is not knowing the right one for the woman he loves. Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect engagement ring for her.

What is Her Personality?

In the time that you have spent together, you probably already know your girlfriend very well. While the traditional solitaire engagement ring is the most common style, women have different personalities, and therefore it is best to get a style that matches their personality. Is she the type who gushes over romantic gestures? Does she go out of the grain and make bold choices? Is she the type who is always up to date with the latest trends? Does she always think out of the box and make unconventional decisions?

There are six known common styles you can choose from – classy, traditional, romantic, modern, unique, and bold that can match her personality. Choosing the high-quality, bespoke jewellery from for your girlfriend or partner is a sure-fire way to land yourself in the good books with your significant other.

Match Her Style

Another factor you should consider is her style. Women put a lot of effort into putting together their attires to show off their unique style, from their wardrobe to the pieces of jewellery they wear, the makeup they put on, and how they style their hair. Observe the jewellery they usually wear and choose something that matches what she already has.

What is the style of jewellery she currently has? Does she go for classy styles? Or does she love sparkly, bold pieces of jewellery? Her current style will tip you off with the perfect ring for her.

Ask Her Mom What She Thinks She Would Like

Other than you, the closest people to your girlfriend’s heart would be her family and friends, and no one would probably know her better than her mother. You can invite her mother, or her whole family if you want, out for lunch and let them in on your plans to propose. It will be a bonding experience for you and your girlfriend’s family while providing answers to all your needs. It will also be the perfect opportunity to ask for your girlfriend’s hand in marriage from her family, effectively shooting two birds with one stone.

Get The Help of Her Best Friend        

There are secrets women wouldn’t dare share with their mother and only tell their best friend. Chances are, your girlfriend has probably already told her best friend her dream engagement ring. If not, you can ask her to do a reconnaissance mission for you and ask her to go on shopping for AU engagement rings with your girlfriend and take note of the rings your girlfriend would love and share them with you. Just remember to make them swear not to tell your girlfriend and ruin the surprise.

Create a Design Yourself

Getting help from other people is good, and all but the most romantic gesture that would melt your girlfriend’s heart is knowing that you designed the ring you would be proposing with. Not only would it be unique, but the ring will have a piece of you she can take with her anywhere she goes.

Engagement ring shopping is one of the most dreadful activities any man hoping to take their relationship with their girlfriend to the next level will do. But there are some tried and true ways you can go about it to make things easier and less overwhelming. Remember, while the perfect engagement ring is important, what it signifies, taking your relationship to the next level is the most important thing part of a proposal.

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