9 Overwhelming Benefits of Planting A Tree

People all around the globe look to make their garden rich by planting beautiful green trees. The Overwhelming purpose varies from person to person, some do it for adding a touch of beauty while some are focused on getting extra shade and keeping the house cool in summers. However, the benefits of planting a tree have no limit and more than what you could think of. 

Trees provide us with a lot except for making us feel relaxed and connecting with nature.

If you have been planning lately for planting a tree in your backyard yourself or with the help of tree services Sydney, you would be surprised to see these overwhelming benefits of it.

1.Air Purifier

Every time you go out wandering in the lap of nature where there is a lot of trees, you’ll feel that suddenly your lungs are full of cleaner air. The trees work as a natural air purifier that absorbs all the nearby pollutants like nitrogen oxide, ammonia, and more. 

Apart from this, they also absorb all the foul odor as these little particles get trapped in the leaves, acting as a small filter in itself. A mature tree can provide yearly oxygen supply to almost 20 people.

2.Climate Change

The only good thing people do regularly is building up excess carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. The harmful level of carbon dioxide is heavily contributing to our climate change and is the biggest issue we are facing which is not at all easy to deal with. However, to our rescue, trees help by absorbing all the carbon oxide, stores it, and provides fresh oxygen for us to breathe. 

Every year, few acres of trees remove the same amount of carbon dioxide which is equal to driving your car of 75000 miles. Trees are the basic necessity for our survival and if you are planting a tree, it will take care of the oxygen supply for four people.

3.Street Effect

Every day when we turn on the television, there is at least one news channel talking about the shocking rise of global warming. For instance, the average temperature in New York has risen by 7F in the last 50 years, and on a global level, it is 1.6F. 

Trees are being removed for building highways or streets which radiates even more heat and making the city warmer every year. With a well-planned tree line along the, one can drop down the average temperature by 8F along with providing shade for the peddlers.

4.Air Conditioning

Just like the natural air purifier, trees also work as natural air conditioning. Planting more The Local Tree Expert in your area can cut down the air conditioner needs to save you a lot of money seasonally. They will also reduce the emission of carbon dioxide and other harmful emissions from the big factory chimneys and power plants. 

The experts nowadays are working towards a new idea of bringing green roofs into daily use. This is an amazing way to grow some vegetables right at your home and also contributing to environmental benefits.


Apart from purifying the air or making it cool, the trees also help in saving you water. This helps due to the increase in the shade they make the process of evaporation of water from the vegetations slow. Trees have the requirement of 16-20 gallons of water a week for healthy living whereas they release 250-400 gallons of water every day.

6.Water Pollution

The water in the stormwater is highly concentrated with phosphorus and nitrogen pollutants which can turn fatal if they stream into oceans and other bodies without getting filtered. Trees come to our rescue here once again. The rainwater gets breakdown in the earth and seeps into the soil by trees, hence, preventing the oceans from getting polluted.


Trees help in boosting biodiversity providing a food source and natural habitat for the wildlife. A single tree of plum can provide up to 25 bushels every year which helps in the nourishment of various species of birds, squirrels, bees, and more.


Fossil fuels stocks are ending up with a drastic speed and posing a great problem to this world. They will not be found ever again except for their toxic properties. Multiple large-scale organizations are now putting their attention to generating renewable and cheaper sources of energy. 

The most reliable source presently is trees as they have the capability of being a renewable energy source. With correct harvesting, we can achieve a sustainable source.


Trees and agriculture go together like best friends, spreading around lots of positivity. Together they provide several benefits like reduced soil erosion, increasing fertility, and helps soil in obtaining and retaining moisture. The leaves which fall from the trees make a sheet of the earth, helping soil lose its moisture.

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