A Simple Guide To Take Care Of Your Flannelette Sheets

Blankets and bed covers made of flannelette offer maximum comfort during winters. The coziness also makes them ideal for children throughout the year. You need to maintain the fabric to keep it long-lasting.

Your flannelette materials will need proper washing, cleaning, and drying to stay in shape. It is also essential to understand the steps to keep them from piling.

The simple guide below will tell you all about caring for a flannelette sheet with ease.

Washing Flannelette Blankets or Sheets

You can start by putting the sheets in your washing machine for a gentle wash at around 40°C. Do it before using the sheet for the first time and continue it for future washes. In addition, check out the manufacturer’s washing instructions for the fabric. 

Here are some tips to follow while washing the fabric – 

  • Do not boil or bleach the fabric, as it can severely damage it 
  • Always apply a mild detergent to retain the color of the sheet 
  • Make sure to clean darker colored sheets separately 
  • Line dry the fabric for maximum color retention 

Always try to wash these sheets separately and not mix them up with other clothes to keep them clean. Place the sheets inside out in the washing machine. It will help you protect the fibers and avoid the appearance of lint.   

How To Keep These Sheets Soft? 

To keep your favorite flannelette fabric soft for years, you need to avoid using fabric softeners. The chemical stays after application and stiffens the flannelette fibers. Hence, it loses softness over time and makes the fabric inconvenient to use. 

So, you need to avoid these chemicals and use less detergent while machine washing them.

Check out these strategies – 

  • Apply baking soda to the fabric to retain the flannelette’s softness. You can add around half a cup of baking soda to the detergent.
  • Add a couple of tennis balls to the dryer with the fabric. The movement of the balls will prevent the fabric fibres from clumping.
  • While machine washing, put some white vinegar in the compartment specified for fabric softener

To maintain the sheet’s softness while washing, you need to use only lukewarm water. You can also use cold water, but check the manufacturer’s instructions before moving ahead.

Drying the Sheets

Select the lowest heat setting in the dryer and tumble dry the sheets. It might take some time to do it, but the process will keep the fabric comfy. 

Then you have to air dry the sheets after bringing them out of the washer. Stretch the fabric out as much as you can to dry off the excess water. You can use a drying rack here.

If it’s a sunny day, you can put the fabric out in the sun to speed up the drying process. Remember that sunlight will act as a disinfectant and deodorizer for your flannelette fabric. 

Tip: After you have completed drying the sheets, neatly fold them and store them in the linen closet. Wrinkles might appear if the sheets are left amongst a pile of clothes. 

The Bottom Line 

Another great way to maintain your flannelette sheets is to have more than one set of sheets. Don’t use a sheet for too long and switch between the sets to extend the fabric’s life. This way, you can keep wrinkles away and prevent wearing them out. 

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