Top 10 American T-Shirt Brands 2023

T-shirts are very popular pieces of clothing, and owing to their popularity; many brands in the U.S. (United States) keep on manufacturing t-shirts. In fact, wholesale blank t-shirts like Gildan G200 are very popular in the U.S.A. (United States of America). In order to guide you to find the best t-shirt brands in America; we have compiled a top 10 list for you. Let us have a look at that list:


Our Top 10 List of American T-Shirt Brands

1. Fruit of the Loom:

Fruit of the Loom

Fruit of the Loom is a brand that was established in the year, 1851. Since its foundation, the brand has been offering value for money clothing to its customers; t-shirts, in particular. Fruit of the Loom t-shirts are available for people of all ages, be them men, women, boys, girls, and toddlers, as well as infants. You will find t-shirts of the brand, Fruit of the Loom in a variety of styles; a few of those styles include crewneck and V-neck.

2. Hanes:

Another popular and well-known brand that is, known for making high-quality t-shirts is Hanes. The brand has established a dominant position in the market as a manufacturer of high-quality t-shirts in style. Moreover, Hanes is a brand that is, socially responsible; as it creates eco-friendly apparel, and the brand also contributes a lot to charities. Hanes is our second pick, as the brand is younger than Fruit of the Loom.

3. Anvil: 


Anvil was established before Hanes, and the year was 1899. We have assigned the 3rd spot to Anvil, as the brand; Hanes surpasses Anvil in terms of corporate social responsibility. If you are in pursuit of the finest quality t-shirts, then you cannot go wrong with the brand, Anvil. Anvil’s V-neck, scoop-neck, hooded, and cotton t-shirts are actually the top-selling tees.

4. Augusta Sportswear:

Augusta Sportswear

Augusta Sportswear is a sportswear brand that was established in the brand, 1977. Today, Augusta Sportswear has established a reputable name in the sportswear industry. If you want stunning and appealing t-shirts, then the brand that will always come to rescue you is Augusta Sportswear. In fact, Augusta Sportswear has won the hearts of numerous customers with its top-notch athletic tees.

5. Gildan:


Gildan is a brand that was established in the year, 1984. Today, Gildan has become a well-known name in the apparel industry. One of the styles of Gildan brand that is, very popular is Gildan G200. If you want quality and versatility in the t-shirt that you buy, then your go-to brand of t-shirts should be Gildan. Gildan was established as the Canadian brand, but today it has expanded its market all over America. T-shirts of the brand, Gildan come for people of all age groups and in a variety of colors.

6. Bella Canvas:

Bella Canvas is a brand that was founded in the year, 1992 with an idea to provide customers with apparel that would make them look and feel good. Actually, Bella Canvas is a fashion brand, so you will find this brand manufacturing fashionable tees, such as V-neck, baseball, ringer, and many others.

7. Threadfast Apparel:

Threadfast Apparel

Our seventh pick is Threadfast Apparel that is, one of the most addictive brands when it comes to great quality and stylish clothes. The brand is a reputable name when it comes to buying high-quality clothes. This brand surpasses Port & Company in terms of its age. If you need trendy, innovative, and comfy t-shirts; then you cannot ever go wrong with the t-shirts, which are manufactured by Threadfast Apparel.

 Port & Company: Port & Company is a brand that was launched in 1998 to provide customers with the greatest value everyday wear including t-shirts, polos, sweatshirts, headwear, and others. If you are in the hunt for a casual style of t-shirts, then the brand that won’t disappoint you is Port & Company. One of the most winsome t-shirts of the company, Port & Company is tie-dye.

Next Level Apparel:

Next Level Apparel is a brand that is, not very old. The t-shirts of this brand are trendy and unique, and they come in the online marketplace in a wide color range. We have picked this brand in our top 10 list, as the brand delivers its promise of taking the wearers to their next level looks.


We have picked the brand, Bayside; as this brand proudly manufactures Made in U.S.A. t-shirts. If you are an American patriot, and you want to get your hands on American-made t-shirts at competitive prices, then you should buy Bayside t-shirts. 


Do you agree with our list of top 10 American t-shirt brands? The brand, Fruit of the Loom surpasses every other American t-shirt brand when it comes to high-quality t-shirts. Hanes comes second and has an edge over Anvil, as the brand is eco-friendly. Augusta Sportswear is the leading sportswear brand of t-shirts. Gildan comes fifth with its top-selling t-shirts like Gildan G200. Bella Canvas and Threadfast Apparel earn the sixth and seventh place respectively.

Port & Company is the brand that is, well-known for everyday wear. Next Level Apparel is in our top 10 list, as the brand is well-known for unique and trendy t-shirts. Lastly, Bayside is on our list, as the brand is all about American patriots.

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