The Best Rainy Day Movies to Watch in 2022

Watching good movies is one of the best things that you can do with your time. And it’s even better when it’s a rainy day and you have to stay home due to the weather conditions. Since any activity that requires going out is then removed from the equation, it becomes the perfect time to take a look at the best rainy day movies to watch.

The first thing to consider is what makes a movie good for a rainy day. First of all, it should be something that you can watch comfortably when you’re feeling cozy. Secondly, it should preferably be a bit good, at least later down the line. And lastly, of course, it should be a good movie too from a quality perspective!

So, with everything considered, let’s take a look at the best rainy day movies that you can watch right now!

1. The Shawshank Redemption

Even if you haven’t watched the movie, you have surely heard of it because it’s considered one of the best movies ever made. It’s about a man who is spending his days in jail after experiencing wrongful conviction at the hands of the law.

Though everything seems grim at first, he begins to warm up to his fellow inmates. And what we have next is a compelling tale about connections, spirit, loyalty, greed, and most importantly, hope. It’s one of the best rainy day movies and even has a very iconic scene involving rain with a powerful performance.

2. Cast Away

Cast Away is an all-time classic in which a common man, played by Tom Hanks, is stuck on an island and has to survive there with no one by his side. He experiences violent storms, hopelessness, and the dangers that nature has to offer. But his greatest battle is with his own sanity as isolation can drive anyone mad.

However, despite the grim premise of the movie, it’s driven by a powerful performance by Tom Hanks. And it shows how strong the will of a man can be. You will truly sympathize with the protagonist and pray he finds a way out! 

If there’s a rainstorm outside your house, you can relate to the character even more. And in that way, it’s one of the best rainy day movies that you can watch.

3. Titanic

Sometimes you just want to watch a romantic movie, whether with someone or by yourself. And Titanic is a classic that never fails to entertain the viewer with its beautiful performances and the chemistry the two lovebirds in the main roles have.

Unlike most other movies on the list, it does not have an uplifting tone in the final act. However, if you’re okay with a bit of a tearjerker, then you should watch this movie. And if you’ve already seen it, then this might be a good time to revisit it too!

4. The Harry Potter Movies

The Harry Potter movies are a rollercoaster of emotions and fantasy. From the very first movie to the last one, they’re perfect for families. And their tone gradually becomes more mature as you watch the characters grow. You’ll find many important themes in the movies, such as friendship, loyalty, the lust for power, and how hope can help us stand up against the worst of odds.

If you’re not interested in anything else, you will still enjoy the magic and wonderful fictional creatures of the Harry Potter world. If you’re in for a long night, the franchise is perfect as rainy day movies and you can binge them all.

5. Forrest Gump

Another Tom Hanks classic, this movie is incredibly emotional and details the journey of a soldier with a heart of gold. Although the movie is fictional, it takes us through some historical events like the Vietnam war and the Watergate scandal. That makes it a very interesting watch as it mixes fact and fiction, showing us what a good heart can achieve in dire circumstances.

Originally released in 1994, this movie has dominated generations. And it was one of the favorite rainy day movies of our elders too!

6. The Breakfast Club

If you’ve ever found it difficult to fit in, then you’ll love the cult classic The Breakfast Club. It takes us into a school where a bunch of students are in detention. On a surface level, they don’t get along and seem to be very different to each other. However, as they spend more time communicating, they realize that despite their differences, they are alike in unexpected ways too.

The movie is incredibly famous and has that 80s vibe to it, as many of the characters are straight from that era in terms of fashion and personality. 

7. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Whatever you’re expecting this movie to be about – you probably guessed it wrong. A student called Ferris is skipping class for one last time before graduation. And then, he doubles down by borrowing a Ferrari and making a day-long journey through Chicago.

But of course, things aren’t as smooth as he expected them to be and we go through moments of comedy, entertainment, and even emotions by the time the movie is coming to an end. Oh, and Ferris’ principle is hell-bent on catching him in the act too! It’s a great addition to rainy day movies, especially if you’re in the mood for a little bit of comedy.

We hope that this guide helped you pick the perfect rainy day movies for your day, evening, or night!

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