Sleeper’s Signature Atlanta Dresses! An Overview of ​​Atlanta Azure Blue Dress, ​​Belle Pink Dress, and Others

If you are a frequent social media user, then you have probably seen a Pinterest board or two with aesthetic picnics, where girls look like princesses, and the whole photo seems to be straight out of a fairytale. Well, little does everybody know that in most cases the dress they see is one of the iconic Atlanta dresses made by the Daily Sleeper!

The Daily Sleeper – or just Sleeper – is a Ukrainian-owned brand created by Kate Zubarieva and Asya Varetsa and is actively operating today. The idea behind Sleeper was about creating such charming garments that will not only allow women all around the world to both feel extremely comfortable and free in their dresses but also look absolutely stunning at the same time while applying minimum effort to their look. Because why not lounge and go partying in the same outfit, if it’s pretty enough for both? 

All of the Atlanta dresses are now considered iconic pieces from the brand and are recognizable by stylists and fashion fans worldwide. So, let’s review their bestsellers together!

Dress Atlanta in blue to share beautiful memories with your dearest

Starting from the top, it is impossible not to mention Sleeper’s elegant azure blue dress. This particular piece, which looks absolutely amazing on both darker and lighter skin tones, is what can truly make the heads turn on any occasion. The Atlanta azure blue dress has a distinct fitted bodice, which gently hugs you without any restrictions and makes for a perfect silhouette. The central piece, without hesitation, is all about the sleeves, which only a true princess could have. You can wear them both on your shoulders and off them, exposing the collarbone and making a certain accent, if you are wearing perhaps a special necklace which you want to draw attention to.

An azure blue Atlanta model can be considered a midi dress, as it exposes just enough of your legs to wear an interesting shoe and bring the whole look together. 

You can very easily accessorize this light blue linen dress for various occasions with the following options:

  1. Try pairing the dress with a matching headpiece (like a hair ribbon or a minimalistic headband) to elevate the look and make it more dreamy. You can even wear some flowers in your hair if you want to replicate some of those Pinterest pictures.
  2. You can opt for a more “clean” look by using simple golden or silver jewelry like tiny earrings, small bracelets, and thin rings, saving you a lot of time when picking up an outfit.
  3. Consider wearing a pair of sneakers and even a baseball hat, if you are busy running errands in the city or just want to be more active in the dress.

By styling your “Atlanta by Sleeper” you can make up a lot of interesting and unique outfits. It’s only a matter of your imagination!

Looking as pretty as a picture in pink linen dresses by Sleeper

Aside from Atlanta dresses, this Belle pink dress made from linen is like its younger sister, as you can clearly see that they are related, but each has its own features that make them individually stand out. As magical as it looks, the dress also is amazing to the touch, being produced from the same high-quality materials. The ruffled bodice gives this piece a “costume-y” vibe because of its form, which is frequently present in Disney princesses’ outfits.

The ruffled sleeves remind people of some sort of beautiful exotic flowers which immediately catch an eye. Those playful lantern sleeves and a romantic neckline can also be worn on and off the shoulders which gives you a little more versatility depending on your mood.

Despite having a wide color palette, the Daily Sleeper pink linen dresses have something unique, something so magnificent in them that they will definitely remain one of many customers’ favorites along the way.

Back to the blues: light blue linen dress for that elevated look all year round

There can be never enough linen Atlanta dresses, am I right? Another drop-dead gorgeous style in which you can purchase the piece is blue Vichy. This is one of the latest add-ons to the Atlanta family and it has definitely earned its place in the collection as it almost immediately became one of the fan’s favorites. As the dress Atlanta in blue and white plaid print is just perfect for a summer picnic in the park or just for going out with your girlfriends, it still can be worn to more high-end or just formal events. Featuring the same pretty sleeves with ruffled cuffs and a shirred bodice, this dress surely will be a great wardrobe expansion for any lady out there. 

This latest release of our iconic Atlanta dress features a blue and white plaid print that will instantly transport you to summer picnics in the park. As elegant as it is practical, this midi features billowing sleeves, ruffled cuffs, and a shirred bodice. 

Source: Sleeper’s Official Instagram.

Whether you decide to wear it with designer high heels or just some comfortable sandals, you will look graceful in it either way. Don’t hesitate to be creative when dressing up, because this is your moment to shine! Check out new things, new styles, and new trends, since you can never know until you try.

Daily Sleeper Atlanta Dress as a perfect pick

It is quite hard to distinguish the one and only model from the brand, as they all are stunning in their own ways. But it seems fair to say that the Daily Sleeper Atlanta dress can take the lead! The beautiful silhouette already has an established name on the scene, so it is no wonder that people recognize it more and more.

Since flawlessly balancing between comfort and style is the main principle at Sleeper, the fans of the brand are eager to see what new things they come up with soon, whether it is loungewear or not. Although it is fair and square that their Atlanta dresses will hold a dear place in their fan’s hearts for years to come!

Naomi Black

With an experience of more than 5 years in the fashion industry, I am eager to review the up-and-coming brands from all around the world. I believe the true meaning of fashion to be in its versatility, so that is why I dedicate my blogs to various influencers with unique and creative outlooks.

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