Most Romantic Flowers and What They Symbolise

Flowers are the best way to convey your love and heartfelt feelings. The right choice of flower, along with a sweet message, will be perfect for expressing your emotions. The types and variety of flowers nature have given us can never be imagined. You can always extend your wishes with a fresh bouquet of blooms on any occasion. Here is a list of some of the most beautiful romantic flowers you might not have heard of.   

Garden Roses

The stunning size and shape of garden roses make them look really alluring. These flowers are a bit larger in size and have fluffier petals if compared with traditional roses. Alike roses, these flowers also symbolise love and romance. Garden roses are available in various colours.  


Peonies flowers are also considered very romantic. This flower symbolises a happy relationship and good fortune. Peonies are timeless romantics in a variety of colours and look stunning. These are also traditional flowers for the 12th anniversary. 


Carnations are classic blooms which people have been gifting to their loved ones on special occasions for decades. These flowers are the perfect choice for playful romance. The fluffy petals and variety of hues like pink, red, and white can mesmerise anyone with their appearance. Affection and true love are the symbols of these flowers. People also prefer carnations for wedding decor. 


Orchids exude elegance in a way that any other flower cannot match.  The beauty of these flowers is complemented by meanings of love, strength, and charm, making them an entirely romantic choice. A bouquet of orchids will be the right choice to convey your heartfelt feelings. 

Traditional Roses

Traditional roses are still the most romantic flowers and are the first choice for bouquets and centrepieces. Roses are the original romantic flowers representing deep love. Roses are available in various varieties and colours, representing different meanings. 


Gardenias are aromatic blooms with star-shaped petals. They are charming and can mesmerise anyone with their beauty. They symbolise hope, purity, beauty and love. Tickle the heart of your loved ones even if they are living in a different country, as so many online portals provide flower delivery in Canada or anywhere across the world. 


The stunning tulip expresses true and deep love. Tulips are springtime blooms that exude grace and beauty. The Colour options of this flower are white, pink, yellow and red. Amaze your loved ones with a stunning bouquet of tulips of the recipients’ favourite colour.  


Sweet peas

Sweet Pea blooms give perfect romantic vibes; their fluffy petals and dainty size are a sight to behold. These flowers are enchanting and vibrant, making a perfect addition to bouquets, wedding decor or statement as a centrepiece. 


These stunning blooms are available in different colours, such as white, yellow, pink and purple. Clematis symbolises aspiration, wisdom and ingenuity. They can instantly provide a pop of colour and texture to any bouquet or decoration for special events. 


Ranunculus flowers are truly exquisite because of their not-so-common shape.  The delicate layers of petals can be seen in each bloom. The symbols of this flower are pure love, grace, elegance and beauty. 


The large and delicate petals give them a gorgeous look. The bold centre of these flowers is eye catchy and looks stunning. Anticipation and fragility are the symbols of this flower, and white anemones specifically symbolise sincerity. 

Cherry blossoms

When cherry blossoms begin blooming in spring, it’s hard to ignore their beauty.  They look incredible with such a lovely scent. This tree blossom represents pure love, strength, and appreciation.

Lilly of the Valley

The Lily of the valley symbolises sweetness, purity and joy. These flowers have been popular choices for wedding flowers for centuries. The bell-shaped blooms look so fresh and beautiful. 


Daisies are popular for their bright appearance. The flowers with white petals and yellow centres look splendid. The meaning of these flowers is true love and a new beginning. They will upgrade the look of any flower arrangement. Daisies are also used for garnishing desserts and drinks.

These are some of the flowers that are considered to be romantic and have different meanings. So, next time you buy flowers for any special occasion, keep this list in mind.  

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