Should I Hire An Attorney After A Hurricane Damage In Florida?

Hurricanes are so common in Florida that it is important to ensure you have insurance to cover your property against hurricane damage. However, the frequency of these hurricanes means many people have insurance and have made claims to their respective insurance companies. 

Normally, insurance companies like to pay the bare minimum they can get away with, but with so many claims, they might even throw away legitimate claims. So yes, you should hire a lawyer after hurricane damage in Florida. Below are the advantages of having a hurricane attorney.

1. Prevent Claim Dismissal

Insurance companies are businesses, and they aim to turn a profit. They don’t earn any money from paying insurance claims. They actively look for loopholes that allow them to dismiss claims and increase their profit margin.

You only insure yourself and your property to ensure the insurance company takes the burden when trouble comes. It would be soul-crashing to be told you are on your own after taking the necessary precautions. Having a professional who fully understands the law will ensure you are not robbed of your rights.

A hurricane attorney knows all the tricks the insurance company can use to reject your claim. A lawyer could also take the insurance company to trial if they were to dismiss your claim.

2. Ensure Sufficient Pay

Sometimes insurance companies offer their clients compensation that is way below the damage incurred. Since most people won’t fight or follow through, they take the measly payments and move on. Attorneys are professional negotiators, and having one will ensure you are given the full value or a fair payout from your insurer.

3. Eliminates The Need For a Public Adjuster

A public adjuster’s job is to represent you before your insurance company. They file claims and negotiate on your behalf. Currently, there are no regulations or licensing for adjusters. The lack of regulation could lead to some adjusters working against you to favor your insurance company.

Lawyers can do everything an adjuster can, and you are assured by law that they will work until the end for your best interests. Sometimes, even with adjusters, you may still require a lawyer, leading to a bigger commission cut from your claim. It is wise to skip the adjuster and hire a lawyer.

Make sure to record all of your losses accurately. Take video logs of the damage and even witness testimonies if you can. Equip your lawyer with all the necessary information he will require to establish and follow up on your insurance claim.

4. Nothing Out of Pocket

A lawyer will not cost you a dime out of your pocket. Lawyers are known to be expensive, but when you hire one after a hurricane, all their expenses will come from the insurance company.

The insurance company pays all expenses and fees associated with the claim. Lawyers work on a commission, ranging between 25% to 50%. It may seem like a lot, but working on a commission propels the lawyer to fight for a big claim. An attorney will guarantee a sum you might not have received, guaranteeing more money to you.

To smoothen the claim process, hire a lawyer after a hurricane. A lawyer would be your best Florida hurricane claim adjuster. During these difficult times, it is advisable to stay connected with the appropriate authorities to stay informed about the state of the disaster.

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