Medical Malpractice And Brain Injuries In Philadelphia: Fighting For the Compensation a Patient Deserves

Medication errors, delayed diagnosis, and surgical mistakes are a form of medical malpractice that can cause serious damage to the human brain. Brain injuries can have wide-ranging effects and those who suffer from them deserve to seek justice in court. A Philadelphia brain injury lawyer can fight for those who have suffered from medical errors. They are aware of the challenges that victims can face in this kind of case. They know the types of arguments the other party will make and come up with strategies that address these possible issues. 

How Brain Injuries Can Occur Due to

People can suffer from brain injuries due to any of the following types of medical malpractice: 

  • Medication errors. Medical experts are expected to be cautious when they prescribe and administer some drugs including anesthesia. Some medications may impact the breathing of a patient, and a lack of sufficient oxygen while under the influence of these drugs can result in brain damage. A medical provider’s failure to routinely check the status of a patient or administer the right dosage can put a patient in danger. 
  • Delayed diagnosis. A brain injury may occur because of a delayed diagnosis. For instance, an undiagnosed brain tumor can lead to undue brain damage. A doctor who fails to diagnose the tumor while they check up the patient can be held responsible for medical negligence. 
  • Labor and delivery. Medical professionals can make mistakes before, during, and after childbirth. These mistakes can lead to severe brain injuries. 
  • Surgical errors. A doctor can cut a patient’s arteries during the throat, thyroid, or vocal cord surgeries. This can cause the blood to overflow, blocking the airway. When this happens, the brain can be deprived of oxygen. 

Kinds of Brain Injuries Due to Medical Malpractice

Brain injuries that resulted from medical malpractice are quite different from those due by traumatic events. A brain injury in a medical malpractice case could have been prevented if a medical expert had followed an acceptable standard of care. A lot of medical conditions can result in brain damage. These conditions include the following:

  • Sepsis. This medical condition is usually contracted in hospitals. Sepsis can cause body organs, including the brain, to fail. Serious burns and wound increases a patient’s risk of contracting sepsis. 
  • Brain hemorrhage. This kind of stroke occurs when a brain artery bursts, leading to bleeding that can kill brain cells. Also, it leads to swelling known as cerebral edema.


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