What Are The Most Common Traffic Violations In Monroe?

Almost everyone is familiar with the term “traffic violation” on a personal level. If you’ve ever been pulled over for speeding in your car, got a ticket for not wearing your seat belt, or only narrowly avoided an accident after cutting across four lanes of traffic without looking, then you know that traffic violations can be quite a hassle and expensive. If you have made any traffic violation, one of the most important things you should do is talk to a traffic ticket attorney monroe to know about its consequences.

If you think that traveling within the law is a hassle and a waste of time, keep in mind that traffic violations can lead to far worse problems than just traffic tickets. If, while breaking a traffic law, you injure another person or cause serious damage to their property, you could face civil liability lawsuits in addition to criminal charges.

We will now see into the most common traffic violations in Monroe.

1. Speeding

No matter where you live, speeding is one of the most common traffic violations. Aside from the fact that it’s dangerous to drive too fast, breaking the speed limit can earn you hefty fines. Police officers mostly issue speeding tickets for going less than 5 miles per hour over the posted limit.

2. Running a red light

This is one of the most common traffic violations in the US. In Monroe, this traffic violation is the most common, and it can bring you a fine ranging from $150 – $300. The impact of running red lights includes getting into an accident and injuring or killing someone.

3. Following too closely

If you’re following too closely, not leaving enough distance between you and the car in front of you, this is considered one of the most common traffic violations. It can get your car impounded or a fine ranging from $75 – $200.

4. Driving under the influence

This is actually the most common traffic violation in Monroe. Driving under influence is a traffic violation that can get you a fine ranging from $500 – $3,000. This can even get you to put in jail.

5. Unsafe lane changing

This is one of the most common traffic violations. The police will give a ticket to people who drive in an unsafe manner, such as from one lane to the other without using a turn signal. It is possible for you to get charged for this traffic violation even if you don’t cause any accidents.


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