RGB Gaming Chair GC-03 By Eureka Ergonomic  

Gaming is serious business. E-sports is even more so. You need to maintain focus. Hypervigilance is imperative to keep your character alive and your teammates safe. So how do you do it all? The answer is to be comfortable. After all, if you are constantly distracted due to your seating situation, you will lose focus. Your teammates count on you. Concentration is critical. 

The solution to your uncomfortable arrangement is the GC-03 RGB Gaming Chair by Eureka Ergonomic. This chair is what you have been looking for so you can sit in style for hours while defeating the online world’s greatest villains and foes. Keep reading for more information about this amazing gaming chair and why you will want to get one right away.  

Why the Gaming World Needs Gaming Chairs 

Sure, you can sit in any old chair while you are gaming. But, if you have ever tried sitting in an office chair for any great length of time, you already know how often you have to get up and reposition due to the overall lack of built-in ergonomics. Dining chairs, folding chairs, and anything less than a chair manufactured for e-sports and gaming are unsuitable for your needs. 

If you are invested in e-sports, then you are aware of the benefits of sitting comfortably to aid in staying the course for the win. Here are a few notable advantages:  

  • Integrated neck pillow for support. 
  • Upper and lower back support lines. 
  • Adjustable armrests to fit multiple body sizes. 
  • Silent and multi-directional wheels for ease of movement without having to get out of your chair. 
  • The RGB lighting array illuminates your seating area to enhance the gaming experience.  
  • There are 16 colors to choose from to personalize your look. 
  • The included remote control allows you to control your lighting creativity with a few touches of the remote. Choose from strobe, smooth, flash, and fade along with brightness control. 

Additional Information 

Some helpful additional information to note about your impending ergonomic gaming chair purchase: 

  • The GC-03 RGB gaming chair comes with a 5-Year Limited Warranty (restrictions apply).  
  • There is a 30-day Risk-Free Period with a full refund guarantee (restrictions apply). 
  • The shipping package dimensions are 34 x 28 x 14 inches. 
  • The total package weight, including the gaming chair, is 67 pounds. 
  • The chair has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds (136 kg). 

If you are curious about any other details or specifications regarding this amazing gaming chair, simply connect with our expert team.  

Contact Eureka Ergonomic Today. 

Eureka Ergonomic is ready to help you find the best chair for your gaming needs. Contact us today. Our expert customer service team is here to answer any questions you may have and walk you through the ordering process. We are gamers too so we know what you want. 

Now that you know how great the GC-03 RGB Ergonomic Gaming Chair by Eureka Ergonomic is, get ready to order one today. You will be glad you did and wonder how you ever gamed without it. 


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