iPad’s Latest Update: What You Need to Know About Multitasking and Apple Pencil Support

Multitasking is one of the key features that make the iPad so great. From streaming music on Pandora while you work on a project to watching a movie on Netflix in bed, multitasking has become second nature for many users. However, there are some situations where multitasking can backfire. For example, if you’re trying to use your iPad simultaneously to work on a project and take notes in class, you may find yourself struggling. That’s because iOS 11 introduces a new feature called “ Supplemental Multitasking .” This allows you to run additional apps in parallel without any interruption to your current app or task. Although this feature may seem convenient at first, it comes with some important caveats. In this blog post, we will discuss the latest update to multitasking on the iPad and what you need to know if you want to use Apple Pencil support.

What is multitasking and how does it work on the iPad?

Multitasking on the iPad is a big deal. It allows you to do two or more things at once, without having to switch between apps.

Here’s how multitasking works on the iPad:

1. You open two or more apps.
2. The iPad tries to get the apps to work together.
3. If they can’t work together, the iPad will divide your work between the apps.
4. If all of the apps can work together, they will all be in memory at the same time and you can continue working with them as normal.
5. If one of the apps crashes, it will be closed and you will have to reopen it before continuing with your other apps.

How to use Apple Pencil on an iPad

If you’re one of the many iPad owners who love using Apple Pencil, your days of having to carry around an extra piece of hardware are behind you. With the recent update to iOS. Multipurpose input devices like Apple Pencil are now supported in all of the apps you use on your iPad.

To get started with using Apple Pencil in iOS11, open any app that uses it and tap on the “Apple Pencil” icon at the top-left corner of the screen. Next, choose which drawing tool you want to use. The three options available are a pencil, a brush, and a colour picker. Once you’ve chosen your tool, simply draw or write onscreen with your finger or Apple Pencil and enjoy the enhanced accuracy and precision offered by this powerful device.

Multitasking with Apple Pencil is just as smooth as ever thanks to its support for background refresh rate tracking. This means that when you switch between apps while still drawing or writing, your drawings and words will remain accurate no matter how fast the app is moving around on your iPad.

Finally, if you ever run into any trouble using Apple Pencil on your iPad, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected] We’re happy to help!


With the release of iOS 11, iPad users have been enjoying a range of new features that were only previously available on iPhones. One of these features is support for multitasking and Apple Pencil usage. In this article, we will discuss what multitasking is and how it works on the iPad, as well as cover some common questions about Apple Pencil support. So whether you are an iPad user looking to learn more about these new features or just curious about what all the commotion is about, read on!

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