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Remembering Instagram’s Photo Map Feature

Instagram is about to turn 12 years since its launch, and although many of you may not remember it, this famous app was very different back then. At its core, it’s still a photo-sharing social network, but what we know today as Instagram was very different several years ago.

You couldn’t share videos, and when this feature was added, they could only be 15 seconds long. Stories, Explore, Reels, none of those existed when this app was released.

Many features were added and others were removed. However, the feature that users undoubtedly miss the most is Photo Map. If you don’t remember it, you are probably very young. This feature was added to the app in 2012 and we were able to enjoy it until 2016 when it was removed in a major update.

What could we do with Instagram Photo Map?

Back then, in the bottom bar, you could find an icon with a compass. By tapping on it, you accessed a world map where you could see the photos that all users have uploaded in different locations around the globe.

Did you want to see recent photos taken in Venice? No problem. Did you want to check if the Sydney Opera House actually looks good in selfies? Easy peasy.

Also, when posting your photos, you had the option to allow other users to view them on their Photo Map.

This feature was great for travelers who wanted to explore new destinations. As well as connecting with different Instagram users around the world.

Instagram Photo Map is back?

Although unfortunately since 2016 we couldn’t enjoy this tool anymore, Instagram brought it back in 2020… kind of.

For its tenth anniversary, Instagram decided to celebrate together with its users by enabling some extra features.

Among the most notable: the possibility of changing the icon of the app. But that was not all, the app surprised us all when it added the Photo Map function again, although it was not 100% like the OG version.

This time, each user can only view their own Photo Map. In the archives, you can find the geolocation of each of your posts and stories, but your friends cannot see it. So in a way, it doesn’t feel like Photo Map is really back.

Don’t be crushed, there is still a way to enjoy this tool as it was originally.

Instagram Photo Map Tool

Someto offers various tools to have an augmented Instagram experience, among them, we have the OG Photo Map.

That’s right, you just have to access Instagram Photo Map and you will be able to see all the posts from public accounts around the globe.

Find incredible photos that people have taken in the most amazing destinations in the world. Discover new ideas for your future trips and let inspiration take the wheel on your vacation.

You do not need to log in or provide personal data. You also won’t have to download suspicious software to your device. Just access the map or enter a username and generate your Photo Map.

Enjoy all the features that Instagram currently offers and also those that it previously offered.

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