Praxis EMR vs DrChrono – Comparing the Best EMR Software

There are many tools for practice management available for clinicians. Using EMR (electronic medical record) software can significantly simplify administrative tasks at clinics. Praxis EMR and DrChrono are reliable choices for physicians and each offers helpful features for practice management. Read this article for a comprehensive Praxis EMR vs DrChrono comparison.  

In addition to a powerful set of functionalities for operations such as billing and charting, Praxis EMR offers a variety of customization possibilities to meet the needs of physicians. Its intuitiveness and capacity to learn from its users are other significant advantages. However, customer feedback reveals that the device has a high learning curve, which may need some time to adjust to. 

DrChrono provides many functionalities that the majority of its customers find simple and straightforward, especially when accessible through the iPad app. Additionally, it offers easy third-party interfaces that facilitate invoicing and other tasks. The high learning curve, however, necessitates a period of adaptation. Infrequent upgrades and unanticipated downtimes for which customer service is of little assistance were also highlighted as major concerns in consumer reviews. Overall, it is a viable option, especially for small, autonomous medical clinics. 

Praxis EMR  

Key Features 
Patient Portal 

You can communicate, educate, and engage patients online with an integrated portal that is automatically updated with patient-specific information. It also facilitates cooperation with other providers, population health management, and more. 

Praxis Agents 

On their behalf, physicians may interact through smart messengers. Progressively learning technology automates timely reminders and events and engages patients through secure email and a portal. 

Medical Research 

The Praxis “DataMiner” is an innovative equipment for medical research. You get immediate access to all data on your patient group. Choose from the list of already asked questions or contribute your own. Praxis is perfect for implementing innovations in medical research, clinical trials, and health maintenance. 

Medical Charting 

The clinical charting function of Praxis EMR makes it exceptionally simple to chart since the computer analyses your demands and adapts progressively to fulfil them. It predicts what you’ll need and the settings you’ll use while you chart, making the procedure much simpler. In addition, the intelligence of the charting tool analyses the data you enter and suggests probable diagnoses to consider, allowing you to reach clinical conclusions much more quickly than before, which is incredibly beneficial and will save you a great deal of time. 

Electronic Prescriptions 

SureScripts is a third-party application used by Praxis EMR software as an effective e-prescribing tool that completes the operation in a matter of seconds. This capable system is linked to the majority of pharmacies in the United States. You may electronically transfer medicines to pharmacies before a visit. Prescription refill requests are also accepted using this mechanism. 

Praxis EMR Pricing  

Praxis EMR is fairly priced, making it an ideal option for most practices. The software costs $259 per physician each month, which is moderate and quite accessible for even the smallest practices. Large practices can also request for a customized quote from the Praxis sales team.  

Praxis EMR Demo 

Scheduling a Praxis EMR demo using the official website enables you to assess how it might be used to enhance your medical practice. 

 Praxis EMR Reviews 

According to a number of Praxis EMR reviews, it can be inferred that people appreciate it because of its user-friendly interface and adaptable functionality. 

DrChrono EMR Software 

Key Features 

Patient Portal 

Using DrChrono ‘OnPatient’, patients may schedule appointments, pay bills, and interact securely with their doctors online. Additionally, automated patient reminders assist decrease no-shows. 

Electronic Health Records 

The DrChrono EMR is meant to be totally customizable to your clinic’s specific needs. Mobility has always been an essential quality. Accessibility of the DrChrono EHR from any location and at any time is unparalleled. The iPad’s native applications enable physicians to spend less time on the computer and more time interacting with patients.  

Electronic Prescriptions 

Single or multiple prescription orders, including prohibited medications, may be sent directly to a pharmacy by physicians. Before distributing prescriptions, they are also able to automatically check for any medication combinations. 

Medical Billing Tool 

Manage finances by validating insurance coverage at the time of treatment, decreasing the number of data inputs required, and charging immediately. Using pre-populated billing codes improves accuracy, saves time, and expedites payment. 


Manage finances by validating insurance coverage at the time of treatment, decreasing the number of data inputs required, and charging immediately. Using pre-populated billing codes improves accuracy, saves time, and expedites payment. 

DrChrono EMR Pricing  

Customizable pricing for the DrChrono EHR enables both small and big practises to use this solution. 

DrChrono EMR Demo 

You may also book a DrChrono software demo through the website to discover how this program might enhance your daily operations. 

DrChrono EMR Reviews 

Reviews of DrChrono EMR highlight its user-friendliness, the speed with which information can be submitted and retrieved, and its intuitive interface. Additionally, reading insurance cards is simplified. Some users also like its customizability. 

Final Remarks 

The majority of DrChrono EMR’s features are user-friendly and straightforward, particularly when using the iPad app. Additionally, it offers easy billing and other activity connections from other parties. A high learning curve, however, requires consumers to adjust gradually. 

The Praxis EMR software, powered by artificial intelligence, supports physicians in optimizing their operations. It monitors how the software’s functionalities are used. After analyzing the collected data, the methods are streamlined and adapted to the demands of the practice. It does not give pre-made templates; instead, it allows each practice to develop its own templates in line with its own wants and specialty. 

In a nutshell, Praxis EMR and DrChrono are good options for the management of clinics. You can also watch their respective demos before you make a final choice, as it will help you see them from different angles. Another factor that might help you decide which one to choose is pricing.  

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