Is Vaping Worse than Smoking? | Dangers of Vaping

In this article, we will tell you about the dangers of vaping and the difference between smoking and vaping. What is the main difference between them and is vaping worse than smoking?.

Most people around the world, stop smoking which is a beneficial thing for their health. Because when you smoke it reduce your life and affects directly your lungs and many other parts of your body, it also reduces your stamina.

So most of our loved ones smoke cigarettes and wanted to quit smoking, so they use vapes to stop smoking. They quit smoking for a while and again start smoking. Smoking affects your lungs and gives you cancer.

In recent years we have seen a trend in vaping among youngsters which is very common in many countries, whether don’t know how dangerous is vaping.

Here on, you will know that is vaping worse than smoking and the danger of vaping.

Is Vaping Worse Than Smoking?

If you want to die or want slow death you can smoke or vape and die happily. We will do a general comparison between these both and then conclude what is worse, it is vaping or it is smoking.

Smoking will cause you lung cancer, not only lungs but it will also affect your all body part. Because cigarette contains nicotine, tar, arsenic, ammonia, etc, which affect your body so badly that you can’t imagine, cigarette damages your body slowly and kill you.

If we see what vaping causes, this new bad habit is done by devices called e-cigarettes. This device contains flavors that have a high density of nicotine in them.

This will cause your lungs and also cause some mental health problems, like uneven headaches and some tumors problem.

So the question is what is worse?

What is Worse Vaping or Smoking?

So at the end of the day, both are worse in their own senses, both produce heat, burn the chemical, and then when you smoke or vape it causes damages to yourself.

According to World Health Organization, both are the worse and the majority of the deaths happen due to smoking and vaping.

But if we go deep in this scenario, if we vape, one puff of vape is equal to 100 cigarettes. That’s why vaping is worse than smoking.

Dangers of Vaping

According to World Health Organization, research shows that more death happens due to vaping. Because many vape devices contain nicotine, tar in their flavors.

So you don’t know what you are inhaling and how much it damages your lungs. In case you are vaping with zero nicotine flavor, you are still damaging your lungs.

Because they contain nicotine too, it’s just a myth that they don’t contain nicotine.

The smoke of vaping devices is more dense and heavy compare to cigarettes. There are many flavors and types of vapes that contain chemical like nicotine which is addictive to everyone like kids, pregnant women, this cause chemicals in your lungs.

In America, there are about 500,000 death happen due to vaping, because in America some people also smoke marijuana on their vaping devices.

Dangers of vaping cause damage to the brain nerves which manage mood swings and pulse control. Vaping affects your health slowly and it takes a long duration to affect your body.


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