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Pink diamonds are the rarest type of diamond, known for their elegantly unique pink colour. THE PINK DIAMOND is not caused by chemical impurities. When purchasing a pink diamond, be attentive to the colour combination of pink diamonds, which range from faint pink to fancy and vivid pink colour. The more vivid pink the higher the price per carat. Buyers should also consider factors of clarity, cut, size, and carat, but colour is the biggest factor while buying pink diamonds as discussed above.


The colour and shades in the pink diamond pricing are graded according to the quality. In the GIA report there are grades in pink diamond which are given below: –

  • Faint
  • Very Light
  • Light
  • Fancy
  • Fancy Light
  • Fancy Intense
  • Fancy Vivid, Fancy Deep or Fancy Dark

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These are the intensity levels in pink diamonds, as each grade is a range itself. We suggest contacting a diamond expert to get the right price and value for the pink diamonds.

Market offerings

When a dazzlingly detailed pink diamond of such caliber is offered to the market, extreme interest from buyers will likely be achieved, irrespective of whether they are private collectors, investors or jewelers. Special-purpose auction houses and luxury retail outlets are already readying for the hotly contested and keenly demanded bidding process, and some experts have also already stated the final price would probably mount up to astronomical levels, a manifestation of the stone’s peerless rarity and unrestrained magnetism.

Pink diamonds are priceless not only in a monetary aspect but they are also an artifact with regard to their historical and cultural value. They have always been entrusted by the aristocracy and nobility not only as reminders of power, prestige, and everlasting love but also as precious treasures of a country. The uniqueness of these pink diamonds includes the much celebrated “Pink Moon,” which has all added extra sparkle to the royal’s crowns and necklaces and left a lasting anvil in the stories of their beauty and glory.


The pink diamonds are high quality and very expensive natural diamonds in the market today. The price can go from £809 per carat for less intense pink diamond to higher £1,000,000 per carat for deep and fancy pink diamond, as with this 0.31 carat faint pink round diamond from Flawless.

As a distinguishing characteristic in its category, this 0.31 carat faint pink round diamond cut from flawless costs £809, while a 0.3 carat cushioned cut in light pink costs £45,473.

Treasures from flawless on pink diamonds

 Kept in their tuneful pink diamond hue with their wide history and cultural backgrounds, the pink diamonds have over the years and into the present day played in their charm and enamored the collectors, investors and other fans around the globe. As the excitement grows and the competition intensifies, one thing remains undeniable: the auction of the priceless bunch of pink diamond pricing, the anticipatory excitement of which will without a shadow of a doubt bring the glorious moment, where everyone will remember the proverb that, truly, diamonds are forever.

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