How to Save Money on Family Vacations this Summer

It’s been a tough couple of years for most everyone in the country, if not on the entire planet! With the Coronavirus pandemic hitting in various waves, the impact on businesses and employment has been felt across the world.

Planning A Budget Holiday

If you are someone who have been financially impacted by the pandemic, you’re probably wondering how you can give your family a good vacation next summer on a shoestring budget.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

Search for Last-Minute Deals

Many travel rental sites and regular hotel chains have a lot of flexibility with room availability and price fluctuations.

They will often give discounts to fill rooms if they have them standing empty with no shows. Be sure to call the hotels as soon as you can and negotiate prices.

Negotiate Fees

If you’re looking at booking online, be sure to tell the manager that you are willing to book on the spot if they give you a discount or waive any fees associated with booking online or through mobile apps.

This could include your car rental, airfare costs, etc.

Share a Room

If you’re traveling with family or friends, try to split the cost of a room so that you’re paying 50% per person per night instead of paying out twice as much in one big bill. The savings will be significant!

Plan Your Time, Not Your Money

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they’re trying to reduce their spending is by restricting their time where they can afford it on a limited budget.

This does not work because most people do not have flexible schedules and cannot afford to go out for entertainment or activities with little warning. However, if you can, plan your vacations in off season and you can get great deals even on luxury villas like Bali Villas.

Instead, it’s best if you plan your trip with your time in mind first.

Vacation At Home

If you can’t afford it, try going on a vacation at home with your family, in the great outdoors. You might be surprised by just how much fun you can have that costs nothing!

Grab your bean bag chairs, picnic basket, some outdoor games, and the cornhole bags head to the local park. You can play games, eat food, and generally relax in the sunshine without having to spend a penny if you really don’t want to!

Drive Less

If you’re a car owner, finding gas stations and filling up expensively can get quite tough when prices are high, and gas is scarce.

So, if you find yourself struggling for cash again, try waiting for the cheapest time to fill up and drive as much as possible during that time only, instead of at other times when prices are higher or when drilling rigs are running out of fuel!


During these hard times, bartering really can come in handy when it comes to vacationing. Ask your local friends if they would be willing to trade you their services, goods, or talents for goods or services of your own.

This could help you save money by having someone fix your car or perform a service for you so that you can then trade it back to them.

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