Personalized PopCards As A Way To Greet Your Loved Ones

Popcards are inexpensive, tiny, easily carry-away, personalized greeting cards sent through the post or given as a surprise gift. The Popcards system is easy to operate and will automatically print your personalized greeting cards using beautiful photos you take yourself. You tuck the blank card into the mail, make a few necessary repairs, and send it off. You can even print your special Popcards with great pictures of your family, friends, or photos of the area in which you live.

Customize Popcards

As per experts at StationeryXpress, the ease of use and customization make popcards an ideal business solution for businesses large and small. Print companies that offer Popcards as a service are quickly becoming very popular with many customers who enjoy receiving free or inexpensive greeting cards. You can sell your Popcards on an online auction website or create your website to help advertise and sell your new Popcard product. Businesses that offer Popcard services are making huge profits in this downline of the printing industry.

Popcards have come a long way since they were first invented over eighty years ago. This small pocket-sized item has grown to become one of the easiest ways to share your message to clients, friends, and family. The popcards app for the iPhone and other smart phone devices is the latest innovation in the printing industry. Using the Apple’s iReader, you can customize and create beautiful, personalized, custom greeting cards right on the go. With the push of a button, your customized popcards can be sent out to hundreds of people at any time or placed directly in the mail for delivery to a total stranger.

Popcard Industry

The popcard industry took notice of this innovative and convenient way to get your message across to clients and customers. The new direct mail marketing campaign was a hit and proved very popular with both businesses and consumers. This fast and easy method became the preferred method of sending printed materials by many companies. In fact, with the new iReader, it is possible to print out your customized printed popcard instantly without waiting around all day for the post office to deliver it. If you want to get ten free pops, all you need is to request a special popcard with your information from the manufacturer.

To get this bargain pricing, you need to request a request from the manufacturer. Requesting this special deal is quite simple. First, visit your favorite large retail retailer monthly and find out when their next published promotion will be. Once you find this out, simply call or email them with your request and make sure you include the phrase “request a discount on [insert your name here], popcards since 2005” in the subject line. (You can choose whatever you like)

Once you have made this request, you can expect them to contact you to discuss your popcard request within one business day. In most cases, the retailer will ask you whether or not your gift cards or coupons will work with their current offers. If your cards or coupons do not qualify for their current promotions, your cards will not work. However, many retailers still allow this to happen because it increases brand recognition among new customers. The new customers are more likely to purchase items from your store if they receive a one time offer from the company.

Popcards Are Everywhere!

Popcards are not only used at stores but can also be used at restaurants and even in offices. With so many options on the market, it is no wonder that there are custom greeting cards available online for every occasion and every budget. You can even create a unique photo popcard for any special occasion. It is important to remember that not all events are appropriate for personalized cards, such as birthdays, weddings and anniversaries.


Regardless of what type of popcard you choose to make, it is essential to select a format that best displays your greeting card so that your message stands out. There are popcard templates available online, and most printers will provide templates that are ready to print. Personalized greeting cards are a great way to express your appreciation to your loved ones and are a fun way to promote your business or company.

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