Online Proctored Examinations: All You Must Learn


With Online Proctoring, candidates who would require to travel across other places can directly preserve funds and time by accepting assessments while residing at their homes.

What precisely is it?

A “proctor or a representative” is a monitor who directs investigators during the assessment test, and an online proctor is an individual who is trained in such a manner to invigilate your assessment test via webcam. Webcam proctored test permits candidates to document the assessment test from the locations of their preference.

Specialties You Ought To Understand Regarding Online Proctored Exams

The online proctoring assessment tests permit you to carry your examination digitally from any location that is suitable for any individual. It could be from residence or office, and an affirmed proctor manages the examination with the support of a computer and a webcam. It’s an online webcam proctored test that can be visually and audibly supervised by the invigilator.

Specialties You Need

To carry online proctored exams, you need:

  • An appropriate Desktop/PC/Laptop/mobile with a good source of internet connectivity, a webcam, and a mic.

System essentials for online proctoring are as follows:

  • A supported version of Windows or Mac operational software. 
  • The most delinquent version of Adobe Flash Players.
  • You must lock all additional windows before the commencement of the assessment.

The following are restricted:

  • Excel, Word, or PowerPoint.
  • Skype
  • Any other website is available on search engines apart from the ones which are prohibited.

Test Rules

The examination must be held out in the same area, which has been inspected by the proctor. There are distinct items that are established unless it has been exactly stated in the report. 

  • Paper, Pens, Books, Calculators, Notebooks, Textbooks, etc. are not permitted.
  • Smartphones are strictly prohibited.
  • No additional individual is allowed to enter the room in which the examination is taking place.
  • Moving away from the room is restricted.
  • You must not use earphones or any additional sorts of audio equipment.
  • You must confirm your individuality before sitting for the examination.

Various Forms Of Proctoring 

There are 3 forms in which webcam proctored tests can be carried out. They are as:

  • Live online proctoring
  • Documented proctoring
  • Evolved auto proctoring

Live online proctoring: Live online proctoring is a considerable and protected system as distant as online proctoring. The monitor observes the complete examination from the beginning to the ending. The computer-based proctor and the individual occurring for the examination live in far-off places, and this barely counts.

Documented proctoring: With recorded or documented proctoring monitoring the feed of the assessment test is not taken out in real-time. The recordings of the assessment test are reviewed by an agent to specify issues like cheating or any malpractices. 

Increased automated proctoring: This is an evolved form of automated proctoring, and here, feeds from the screen are shared, and audio-video feeds of the assessment test students are saved during the examination. This technique also observes if there is any doubtful move.

There are various types of examinations available under Online Proctoring. They support changing and updating, and it would be more acceptable for the end-users to collect the right data based on detailed conditions and prerequisites. Regularly revising the details and knowledge are essential. 

Significance Of Holding the Highest Standards Of Integrity

Some of the procedures and techniques, methods, and procedures must be observed. There are even instructions for completing the log-in and sign-up details after which the concerned user has to log in and be an element of it. He or she can then choose the examination preferred and finish the entire scheduling procedure.

How to communicate with the proctor?

You will be either contacted via VoIP or a smartphone. All transmission with the representative will be in English.

What kind of identification will be needed to submit?

You will be requested to show an identity card issued by government authorities. These could include multiple identity cards such as passports, driver’s licenses, identification cards, etc. It should be from the nationality in which the student occurs for the assessment test. Children who are below 18 are allowed to show a valid student ID as a document of identification.

Some Additional Laws and Rules

  • During the check-in, the representative may request to see your premises to confirm you keep a neat desktop and are not within arm’s distance of texts, tablets, documents, pens, pencils, or different scripting tools.
  • In case you wear prolonged sleeves, you will be told to move them up, to ensure that you are not defrauding.
  • If you desire to wear a tie, you need to ensure that you don’t hold any secret documents or anything below it.
  • If you have hair that possibly shields your ears, you will be told to drag them around to display to the representative that you are not tricking.
  • Watches must be dismissed and positioned out of view during an examination.
  • Accepting leaves or munching gum is forbidden.
  • If any third party joins the space during the testing procedure, your assessment test will be terminated.
  • Your webcam should offer an entire picture of the space.

Challenges Faced During a proctored exam

Offline proctored, and non-proctored online examinations encounter many difficulties and challenges. Delivering a proctored examination seat near the area of the assessment test is a challenge for most individuals. Certified Proctors is not a career, and organizing the logistics to transmit them to the selected examination centers instructs cash and time. Organizing the examination is a nightmare. The entire structure requires to be designed meticulously. This has to be accomplished, taking into account intervals between examinations and general visits. Often, such assessment tests may take several weeks to be planned. Candidates have to finish a long time and funds to achieve examination centers. This means candidates need to fund money and time to cross and for housing. It’s effortless to cheat in examinations without proctoring.

How to set up a Proctoring system?

An interior and exterior web camera is instructed during the examination. Camcorders are not allowed. Placing up the camera has to occur 48 hours before the examination.

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