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Any parent would love to see their children enjoying the playtime. After the fun time, parents take their children to teach something popularly known as study time. But wouldn’t parents be the happiest if children can learn and also play, at the same time? And for children to have something engaging when they need to buckle up and learn. Yes! It is possible. Educational toys help children learn about themselves, academics, art, social concepts and enable learning the world.

Observing children during play, one can understand that they learn the best when they are involved, interested and most importantly, having fun. These toys can fulfil the children’s need for higher stimulation with the parent’s need for productive use of their young minds. In this way, the parents are the teachers who need not wait for an academic specialist or special classroom equipment to enable learning. Australia has an estimated 4.7 million children under 0-14 with parents who encourage creativity and learning from early stages. It has led the toy industry to grow into a billion-dollar market in Australia and is expected to grow at 8.11% (CAGR) in the next five years.

Know how these toys aid a child’s development

In simple terms, there is a positive effect on a child’s development during play because the child’s senses and the mind create neural connections inside the brain as they engage in the activity. Toys like toy tool workbench, magnetic tiles, activity wagon, rainbow abacus etc.,

– Ignite their imagination

– Helps with growth and their ability to perform tasks with hands (dexterity)

– Establish body balance and overall confidence.

– Extend their gross and fine motor skills

– Aide cognitive processing

– Motivate self-regulation

– Enhance social and communication skills.

One of the advantages of educational toys is that it enhances the child’s biopsychosocial development. And a significant aspect of it is cognitive development. The article further explains such benefits of these toys.

Increase the intelligence quotient (IQ).

All these toys escalate a child’s literary skills, memorizing skills, hand-eye coordination and identification skills. Development in these skills has a positive correlation with their IQ. While playing, children have fun and learn detailedly through practical exposure.

Sensory development

Each toy is responsible for each sense’s development. The senses which improve during the play are visual, tactile and auditory. For instance, when the toys are bright, it magnifies the visual ability. Toys with different sounds increase the auditory ability. Children grow with these toys that they love. Gradually it helps a child to convey their experience individually. So the child will have good communication skills from an early age.

Amplifies the problem-solving abilities

A significant factor of these toys is that they challenge the children’s minds. There are wooden puzzles, floor puzzles and pegged puzzles for which a child has to stick with the sequence to solve it. Appropriate concentration, energy and problem-solving abilities are necessary to engage with them. Mathematics based toys are also available, like shut the box. In maths-related games, the children can solve problems to accomplish the game. With this, they can solve problems in academic settings as well.

Growth in creativity

Every child has the curiosity to understand people and the environment around them. They explore the surroundings with pretend play trial and error by increasing their creativity.

Concentration levels increases.

Commonly kids have a lower span of concentration. They are most likely to get disinterested and disengaged relating to people and things. When children have limited concentration, there are high chances to lose a lot in their education and others. Parents or caretakers need not worry. They can use these toys to increase their learning and concentration.

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