How To Use Herbal Vape And Its Advantages

A dry herb diffuser is a heater that uses dried plant materials to manufacture gas (vapour). The sample is put in a chamber or furnace that can achieve temperatures above 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Rather than incinerating the substance as cigarettes do, herbal vape unleashes the active chemicals as vapour rather than smoke.

The Advantages of Dry Herb Vapes


While many vapes will attract attention and pique people’s interest, there are also plenty that offers powerful vapour in a modest, pocketable package.

Smoke also conveys its nasty odour wherever you go and will stay to the surface long after you’re done. It’s not comfortable at all. A vaporiser produces a light vapour that only contains the nice stuff. It doesn’t persist or stick around for too long.

It Tastes and Feels Better

Smoke is intense and unpleasant. It has an unpleasant taste and stings the throat and lungs. Vaporisers provide the goods more mildly, revealing new botanical flavours you didn’t realise your plant had.

It’s the most effective technique to get the most out of your herbs.


A compact herbal vape can fit easily into a small bag, handbag, or even your pocket. You can take it with you everywhere you go and enjoy a session, then quickly save that when you’re done.

Instead of waiting for the materials to burn out or discard them early, transportable dry herb vapes allow you to take a few doses whenever appropriate for you.

How do you Vape Dried Herbs?

Prepare your Herbs by Grinding Them

Although many vapes can evaporate whole flowers, the best effects come via crushing. The grind will vary depending on the device, but conduction vapers generally prefer a finer grit, while convective vaporisers favour a rougher grind. If in doubt, go for a medium grind.

Put your Vape in its Case

Next, load your vape with powdered herbs and place it in the oven. Fill it to the brim and pack it down tightly for convection vaporisers. Rep till it’s nice and snug to the top.

Vaporisers that use convection and hybrid technology are the opposites. They dislike being crammed into small spaces. Rather, gently fill the oven till a tiny mound forms on top, then press down the pile into the oven till its level with the rim.

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Start your Vape

Switch it on! Press the start button five times fast on most vapers. Others may require a triple-press of the power switch or a tap and hold of the power button. If you’re uncertain, consult the user handbook for your vaporiser.

Take a Deep Breath of your Vaporised Herbs

Once your vaporisation reaches the temperature you choose, it’s time to hit it! Begin with a 7- to 10 seconds slow inhale, followed by an exhale. Your initial hit or two will indeed be light and tasty, but as your experience progresses, the intensity will increase.

Turn off your Vape and Clean It

When you’re done with your experience, turn your herbal vapour off in the same manner, switch it on and wait a moment for it to cool down. You’re fine if you’re reserving the rest for later. Leave it for now and return to it later.


Combustion destroys many beneficial herbal vape components you’re looking for, turning them into dangerous byproducts you wouldn’t want in your lungs.

Vaporising distributes these molecules rather than destroys them, resulting in a more well-rounded sensation than smoking. You are using less since vaporising squeezes every last drop out of your substance.

The majority of respondents say they use a quarter to half as much as they did when smoking. It’s a win-win situation.

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