How To Stay In Great Shape As An Aging Adult In Their 60s

Did you know that the number of Americans 65 and older is projected to double from 52 million in 2018 to 95 million by 2060? Whether you (or your elderly parents) are already in your 60s, or you will be in the near future, it’s a fact that we can’t fight time.

However, if you’re an aging adult, you certainly don’t have to feel like it. Here’s how to stay in great shape!

Eat Well

You’ve made it to your 60s, so you deserve to eat well. But that doesn’t mean you should go nuts with it!

You don’t have to give up your chocolate and wine, but you do have to be more careful about what you put in your body now. We use fewer calories as we age, so what you eat will go to your gut much quicker.

In addition, you’ll want to get more calcium, vitamin D, vitamin C, protein, and iron. You might want to consider taking a multivitamin if you don’t think you’re getting enough nutrients in your daily diet.

Exercise Regularly

You might have more health problems than you did when you were younger, but that’s no excuse to stop exercising! Physical activity can help keep you toned, as well as help maintain heart health and bone density.

Not to mention, you release endorphins when you exercise, which can help lift your mood!

Just make sure that before you start any sort of exercise, you get the all-clear from your doctor first.

Get Enough Sleep

No matter how old you are, it’s important to get enough sleep.

Many people believe that the older you get, the less sleep you need. However, that’s not true at all!

All adults need 6 to 8 hours of sleep per night, regardless of age. So make sure you get enough sleep to have enough power to get through your days and be in optimal health!

Protect Your Skin

UV protection was important in your youth and it’s just as important now that you’re older. Not only will sun exposure cause more wrinkles, but it’ll also cause skin cancer.

So whenever you’re out, make sure to slather on that sunscreen!

Take Medications as Advised

As much as you try to stay in shape, there are just some parts of you that’ll have wear and tear. And that’s ok!

In that case, you should always take medications as advised. Even if you feel great, don’t stop taking prescriptions unless your doctor says you can.

If you can’t afford the costs, consider turning to an online drugstore. Reputable ones will have brand-name drugs for much cheaper. So you don’t have to compromise on your health if you’re on a tight budget!

Stay Healthy as an Aging Adult

One day or another, we’ll all get into our 60s. But if you take our tips to heart, a gracefully aging adult is entirely possible!

So make sure to eat well, exercise regularly, get adequate sleep, protect your skin, and take your medications as advised.

For more on staying healthy, be sure to check out the rest of our blog articles!

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