How To Have Efficient Employees: 9 Effective Tips

An average worker is only productive for 2 hours and 53 minutes in an eight-hour day.

That means that most employees spend more than 63% of their work time doing non-work-related things. So, as a business owner, it’s logical to wonder how to get more efficient employees. You want to have workers who spend most of their time doing tasks that boost the overall business productivity.

To help you out, here are nine effective tips on how to have efficient employees.

1. Invest in an Employee Assistance Program

Things outside work, such as money issues and marital conflicts, impact the employee performance. So, to increase employee efficiency, you need to help your workers manage these issues. It’s, however, challenging to reach out to all your employees and make them open up about their outside work troubles.

So, to undertake this task invest in an employee assistance program such as Iinsight. You want to give your employees access to tools that educate them on handling various life issues. So, they get financial management and relationship lessons that enhance their well-being.

2. Assign Employees Tasks that Match Their Skillsets

You’re demoralizing your workers when you give them tasks that are either too hard or too easy. Due to this, your employees will spend the most time doing non-work-related things. That’s why you must strive to assign your workers tasks that match their skillsets and training.

So, take time to understand your employees’ capabilities before assigning them tasks. Besides, encourage your employees to pursue challenging tasks which enhance their growth. Finally, learn to trust your employees and delegate.

3. Offer Incentives

To have happy employees, you must learn how to use incentives and rewards effectively. Start by recognizing high-performing employees for their good work. Next, review your employees’ incentives and benefits to determine the ideal ones to offer.

So, you need to understand the types of employees working for your business to know what motivates them. You want to adopt effective incentive strategies which increase employee engagement.

4. Invest in Employee Training and Development

To get the best employees, many companies assume that they must invest in a rigorous recruitment process. Although this helps, it’s no guarantee these new workers will offer exceptional services. The right approach for getting great employees is to invest in the ones you already have.

The idea is to invest in training and development to boost your employees’ skills. Also, through training, you’ll educate your employees on how to interact well with each other. You want to ensure that your workers have skill sets that match the tasks you assign them. Along with this, you can have a wellness program at work to promote the well being of your employees.

5. Encourage Telecommuting

As a business owner, it’s normal to worry whether your employee will be efficient when working from home. You assume that workers are more productive when working from the office. Yet you’re mistaken as studies show that many employees enjoy working from their homes.

So, even though you have an office space, encourage your employees to telecommute. You want to give your workers the freedom to work from anywhere they like. The idea is to allow them to find environments where they are most productive.

6. Pay Your Employees on Time

One of the reasons for having inefficient employees is because of late salary and wage payments. You must understand that most of your workers’ biggest motivation is money. So, these employees will do things slowly when you don’t pay them on time.

That’s why you should weigh the need for professional payroll processing. You want to ensure you pay your workers on time and pay them the right amount.

7. Design a Conducive Work Environment

To increase employee efficiency, you must remove all distractions from the work environment. You want to create a conducive environment where employees easily concentrate on their work. Besides, you need to provide your employees with all the tools they need to work.

So, compare different office layout designs to determine the ideal one for your business. Besides, take action to enhance safety and remove anything that risks disrupting business operations. You want your employees to feel safe and secure when at the workplace.

8. Automate Time Tracking

To boost employee productivity, you must track the number of hours your workers work in a day. The problem is that most companies use manual time tracking tools which are highly erroneous. Besides, it’s challenging to acquire any reliable data from these manual tools.

That’s why you should consider investing in the best time tracking software. You want to have a tool that tracks your employees working hours and offers you reliable data. So, with this data, you’ll know the best action to take to increase employee efficiency.

9. Find Creative Team Building Activities

Although you have great employees, their individual efforts won’t amount to much if they don’t work well together. So, you need to educate them on the value of synergy. The idea is to encourage them to share information and collaborate.

So, to achieve this goal, you need to find creative team-building activities for your employees. These are games where to win, the team must work together. So, by participating in these activities, your workers understand the value of teamwork.

They realize that they can depend on others for help when undertaking various work projects. In addition, they start seeing their co-workers as allies instead of rivals.

Give Your Company an Edge by Having Efficient Employees

To boost your company’s growth, you need to work on having efficient employees. So, you need to work on creating a conducive work environment and offer incentives.

Besides, ensure you pay your workers on time by investing in a professional payroll processing service. Finally, encourage your workers to undertake various team-building activities.

Do you desire to learn more practical tips for giving your business a sustainable competitive edge? Then please see our other blog posts.


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