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How to Accurately Measure Suction Power of a Chimney

Using a kitchen chimney for months reduces the suction strength and capacity. The lower performance of the chimney is caused by dead filters, poor maintenance, and so on. The best solution to take in such a scenario is to clean your filters to ensure that they function correctly. 

What happens if everything seems to be fine; however, there’s an issue with the power supply or blower? It would be ideal for measuring the kitchen chimney’s suction power to determine the cause.

The large kitchen demands extra effort to suck up air, which creates a standard for calculating suction power. It would help if you considered your kitchen area to determine the suction power and then multiply it by specific numbers. To grasp the concept, grasp it using a simple illustration.

How do I calculate?

For example, imagine an area for a kitchen that is 5 meters x 5 meters. The ceiling wall is 3 meters in height. To determine the volume, add the three numbers.

  •  The volume of the kitchen = 5 x 5 x 3= 75 m 3  

In this scenario, the suction power required to get the grease out from your cooking area is the total volume of your kitchen multiplied by 10.

  • Suction Power = Kitchen Volume x 10 = 75 m3x 10 = 750 m3/h

It will let you know what suction power is sufficient in your kitchen. Be sure to think about the size of the kitchen before choosing the appropriate one. What are the essential elements that impact suction capacity? Let’s take an examination.

What affects suction Power?

Three factors are crucial to the suction power and capability of the kitchen chimney. To eliminate the issue, the consideration of these elements could be beneficial to help

  • Pipes size of the kitchen chimney length or diameter
  • The number of bends within the ducting system can affect its performance.
  • The use of oily cooking practices

Any person can select the high-suction kitchen chimneys to eliminate all the problems they face. If you are unsure which one to buy, there are many available chimneys in an affordable budget with high suction power.

Tips to boost Chimney Suction Power

If the suction force of the fireplace is decreasing and you’re looking to eliminate these problems, it is an ideal option to keep the kitchen chimney in good condition. Some crucial ideas could help to increase the suction power.

  • Most often, the kitchen chimney requires a large area for filtering. It is a great way to increase the power of your chimney.
  • A baffle is superior to cassette filters to improve the filter’s performance.
  • The baffle filter is where oil grease could get trapped within the filter, but it does not impact the chimney suction lifespan.
  • If you are looking to maintain suction power for a minimum of five years, you should choose regular cleaning to keep suction power. Cleaning suction power captures smoke particles and the odour, oil, and smoke.
  • If you’re looking to build the ideal chimney for your kitchen area, many options offer the finest available at a low price.
  • Be careful when it comes to the care of a chimney. If you notice any issues within your chimney, fix them immediately. It helps improve the suction power of your chimney.

If you follow the above suggestions, you can keep your chimney cooking much better. Remember that cleaning your chimney’s filters and changing them every interval is vital to ensure they are correctly working. There won’t be any issues with performance if you adhere to the tips mentioned.


Once you understand the formula for calculating the power of your chimney’s suction and its capacity to increase your overall efficiency, it is no secret that the performance decreases when the filters have become blocked, or there is an obstruction at the bottom of the chimney’s exhaust. Use this formula to comprehend suction power and ensure that the chimney is maintained more efficiently.

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