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How Can I Sell My Property the Right Way?

There’s more to selling property than getting great realtor photos and listing online. You need to understand local market trends and how much it will cost to sell your home. You should also gain insight into the best method of selling to get the most of your sale.

Don’t feel overwhelmed at the prospect of selling your home. Keep reading to find the answer to your, “How can I sell my property the right way?” inquiry.

Know the Local Market

No two real estate markets are the same. What worked for your cousin in New York state might not work for you in Pennsylvania.

Are there more buyers or sellers in your local market? If there are more homes for sale than there are buyers, sale prices are often lower. This is because there just aren’t as many buyers to initiate a bidding war.

If more buyers are searching for their perfect home than there are places for sale, sale prices are usually higher.

Set a Realistic Timeline

Set a timeline before it’s time to list and sell property. Being unrealistic or making these mistakes can cost you the sale of your home.

First, give yourself time to choose the right realtor for the job. Don’t choose the first person you find on a Google search.

Next, take on the task of readying your home for listing. Declutter, repaint if necessary, tackle any glaring repairs that need attention.

Before the photographer comes for listing photos, stage your home. Your goal is to create an inviting space that buyers can see themselves living in. Hire cleaners for a few hours to clean your space from top to bottom.

You might also consider hiring a home inspector beforehand, too. A clean bill of home health ensures buyers have the confidence they need to put in an offer after seeing the inspection report. You will need to include any issues found in your seller’s property disclosure.

Take Offers and Review Them Carefully

If you’re lucky enough to live in a seller’s market, you might consider taking offers until a specific day. For example, your listing goes live on a Monday and your realtor includes a note that says you’re reviewing offers on Friday. This gives you five days of showings and a deadline for potential buyers to put in their offer.

Don’t choose the highest offer on the table when it’s time to review them. While the prospect of more money is tempting, look at all the conditions of the offer before accepting it. Sometimes buyers will put in contingencies that can cause a sale to fall through.

Financing contingencies, for example, allow buyers to cancel their offer if they aren’t eligible for a mortgage. Inspection contingencies will allow a buyer to back out if a home inspector finds something questionable during a home inspection.

The best-case scenario would be a sale with no conditions at all. While rare, these do happen on occasion in a hot seller’s market.

Your “Sell My Property” Questions, Answered

We hope that our blog has helped to answer your burning “how can I sell my property” questions. Remember to give yourself time and be realistic and you’ll be hanging the “sold” sign in no time.

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