High Flow Air Intake Systems Explained

Are you a car enthusiast looking to maximize the performance of your BMW car? As you seek BMW M performance parts for your engine, look to options that add power and comfort. By making these factors a priority, your car will gain the best performance and make your investment worthwhile.

As they say at CarBahn Autoworks, “With the right performance options, you’ll be able to maximize the efficiency of your car.” When you obtain the best performance upgrades, you can customize your car to meet your exact desires.

Today, we’ll discuss how a high-flow air intake system works and how it can benefit you.

Functions Of The Air Intake System

The purpose of a high-flow air intake system is to allow air to reach your car engine. Oxygenated air is a key ingredient you need for the engine combustion process. Proper intake systems allow for clean and steady flow into engines. They also help give you more power and better mileage for your car.

Here are the three main parts of a modern high-flow air intake system:

  • Air filter
  • Mass flow sensor
  • Throttle body

The system draws air through a plastic tube and goes into the air filter housing, where it mixes with fuel. Afterward, air goes to intake manifolds that supply fuel/air mixtures to engine cylinders.

How An Air Filter Helps Your Engine Thrive

An air filter is one of the main parts of your car’s intake system as it helps the engine breathe. The job of an air filter is to weed out dirt and other outside particles in the air. This system keeps unwanted grime and residue from entering the system and even damaging your car’s engine.

You can usually find the air filter in the air duct to the throttle valve assembly under your car’s hood. For your engine to run, you’ll need to have an exact mixture of fuel and air. Also, all the air must enter the system by first going through the air filter. BMW M performance parts like these help ensure your car performs to its potential.

What A Mass Air Flow Sensor Does For You

Mass airflow sensors help determine the mass of air that enters a fuel-injected internal combustion engine. After it travels there, the air then heads to the throttle body. There are two types of mass airflow sensors engines use: the vane meter and the hot wire.

The vane meter has a flap that the incoming air pushes in. As more air comes in, the flap goes further to the back. You can also find a second vane behind the main one that fits into closed chambers. The back vane helps dampen the movement of the front one and leads to a more accurate measurement.

The hot wire uses wire chains that hang in the air stream. Its electrical resistance increases when its temperature elevates. When this occurs, the electrical current flowing through the circuit starts to restrain. As air flows past the wire, it starts to cool and helps decrease the electrical resistance. In return, these conditions allow for more current to flow through the circuit.

How The Throttle Body Helps Your Engine

The throttle body helps regulate the amount of air that flows into an engine’s combustion chamber. It consists of bored housing with a throttle plate that rotates on a shaft.

When the accelerator depresses, the plate closes and chokes off airflow that travels into the combustion chamber. With this process, you can control the rate of combustion along with the speed of your car.

You can usually find the throttle body between the air filter box and the intake manifold. It can also be right near the mass airflow sensor too.

With BMW M performance parts like these, you can help your car perform better while on the road.

What A High Flow Air Intake System Does To Improve Your Engine

With a high-flow air intake system, you’ll stand to gain the best benefits for your engine. Here are two of the top ways it can help improve your engine’s performance:

Higher Horsepower And Torque

With a high-flow air intake system, you’ll see an increase in torque and horsepower. As the intake draws in higher volumes of cool air, your engine can breathe better than with limited stock systems.

With the combustion chamber having cool, oxygen-rich air, fuel will burn at a more productive mixture. You’ll also gain more power and torque with each fuel drop when combining it with the right amount of air.

Better Fuel Economy And Throttle Response

In many cases, stock intakes deliver warmer, fuel-rich combustion mixtures that reduce engine power and responsiveness. When this occurs, your engine will run warmer and slower than usual.

With a cold air intake system, you can overcome these problems and more. Cold air intakes go a long way in helping your fuel economy by improving your air to fuel ratio. Having such a system also means you’ll be able to improve your throttle response.

Choose BMW M Performance Parts That Provide You With The Most Efficient Power

As you seek BMW M performance parts for your car, look to make power and productivity a priority. Like CarBahn Autoworks recommends, “Seek upgrades that help make your car more efficient and powerful.” With top-quality upgrades, your car will be able to achieve its potential.

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