Is It Better to Buy New or Used Automobiles?

With financing options and more affordable models, more people are choosing to buy new automobiles these days. However, is it the right option for you? You’ll also find plenty of used cars in Saint John, NB, but is this the right option? Let’s explore the debate today!

New Automobiles

Should you buy a new automobile? There are many pros to this approach, including the fact that you choose a specification that suits your needs. Also, since the vehicle is new, you shouldn’t encounter any problems. Even if you do, it’s under warranty with the manufacturer. These days, you also have access to better finance deals than in the past.

Elsewhere, it’s important to note that new cars come with all sorts of new technology and safety features that simply didn’t exist with the older models. Just in case this wasn’t enough, you might also love the new car smell and knowing that you’re the first owner of the vehicle.

On the other hand, you may have to wait for a particular model and the vehicle is only ever new for a few months. Soon enough, newer registrations will be driving around, and newer models will make your one old.

What’s more, those worrying about money are probably aware that new cars are expensive. Not only this, but they also lose lots of value as soon as you drive it away. According to some reports, vehicles lose up to half of their value within just three years.

Furthermore, you may need to pay more insurance since you’re protecting a larger investment. Depending on the model, road tax and other expenses like services can also make a larger dent in the bank account.

Used Automobiles

Should you buy a used automobile? Firstly, you won’t need to find quite so much money to make the dream happen. Also, insurance is cheaper because the investment is smaller. With a lower cost, you’re more likely to pay for the vehicle outright, and this means two things:

  • You aren’t worrying about a monthly amount leaving your bank account
  • The vehicle belongs to you

While on the note of positives, more used car dealers are offering strong warranties to reduce the risk that once came with buying used cars. If something goes wrong within the first few months, you can contact the dealer and they may cover the cost of auto repair (assuming it wasn’t a result of your driving).

Additionally, you might enjoy dipping into the back-catalog of various manufacturers. Rather than being bound to a handful of models, you can choose the design and style you like the most from the best used car dealership company.

Of course, no solution is perfect and used vehicles come with some drawbacks. For instance, older vehicles are more likely to encounter problems as they have more miles on the clock. Although you might learn about the previous owners, you don’t really know how the vehicle has been treated through the years. You don’t want to buy a vehicle only to find that it needs several repairs just one year later.

Depending on the vehicle, you may not get any warranty. Typically, it depends on the age of the vehicle, the mileage, and the dealer. It’s best to investigate the small print before investing in a vehicle.

Finally, you don’t have the great feeling that comes with driving a new vehicle around town (and turning heads).


As you can see, there are pros and cons to choosing both new and used automobiles. Consider all your options and decide on the right path for you!

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