Family Law and Family Lawyers

Family Law is under the legal category of Civil Law. It is kind of personal status law which comes under, Civil law deals with the legal system associated with Non-Criminal disputes between two parties or entities. Family Law, also referred to as Matrimonial Law or the Law of domestic relations, is an area of the law deals with the family matters.

Family Law is not about getting the marriage registered, or managing the divorce. A Family Lawyer also deals with Child Custody, Alimony, the distribution of assets, insurance, bank accounts etc. Therefore, the job of a family lawyer is quite broad in its scope. One of the reasons the family lawyers are also called as Divorce Lawyers, Alimony Lawyers or Child Custody Lawyers. 

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The separate family courts are made to cope with personal disputes. It means separate courts are available where the family cases are resolved only. The dedicated advocates or also called as Lawyers for family law, are known as family lawyers or family law advocates. These family lawyers are well trained in their domain known as Family Law, with the expertise and exposure. 

Though adoption is not allowed in UAE. But the Family Law Advocates also manage and deal with the adoption process. Adoption Documentation, Adoption Agency Contracts, etc are also managed by these advocates. However, UAE does not allow the direct adoption process. Couples who have adopted the kid/kids outside the UAE, can bring the kid/kids inside the UAE.

These Lawyers are trained to represent clients in family court proceedings or related negotiations. They are also capable of drafting important legal documents such as court petitions or property agreements, pre-nuptial agreements or post-nuptial agreements.  

Divorce Lawyers & Child Custody Lawyers:

Divorce Lawyers, the part of Family Law Experts, do guide you for your Separation, KHULA and Divorce. They work with clients to get the best settlements possible when it comes to divorce. They help the clients negotiate on matters related to property, alimony (if applicable), division of assets, and how to split the liabilities of the marriage. In most cases, divorce lawyer help to get the results needed by clients without having to go to trial. A child custody attorney/family lawyers helps in figuring out disputes related to child support. Which parent should pay, what the amount should be, and what expenses each parent is responsible for covering are all matters that are dealt with by a child custody lawyer.People who get married or those going into a civil union or domestic partnership might need an attorney to help them develop a prenuptial agreement or to receive counsel on assets, a business, or other legal matters. 

The age of 13 for a girl and the age of 11 for a boy is the custody for, mother. After that father can ask for the custody. Mother can still apply for the further custody o girl as well as son, if it is required that stay with mother is in the maximum benefit of kids. 

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